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We at Top Echelon would like to give you a friendly reminder about our new physical address.  Unfortunately, some customers are still sending mail to our previous address.  This is causing complications with our correspondence, and we certainly don’t want that to affect the delivery of your mail to us.

At our previous location, we had both a physical address and a P.O. Box number.  Neither of those are valid any longer, and we have no plans to secure a new P.O. Box number.

We have ONE new physical address for all correspondence, and that address is as follows:

Top Echelon Network
4883 Dressler Road, N.W., Ste. 203
Canton, OH 44718

If you have any specific questions, please give us a call at 330.455.1433.

As always, thanks very much for your commitment as a Network recruiter and loyalty as a Top Echelon customer!  (And don’t worry, we won’t be moving again anytime soon.  It took us 25 years to make this move.)

The 2013 National Association of Personnel Services is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10, through Friday, September 13!  The location for the event is the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That’s a little over a month away!  That’s just one reason why you should register now for what’s sure to be one of the most heavily attended events in the recruiting industry this year.  Below are a bunch of other reasons to register:

  • NAPS Recruiting Conference20 of the recruiting industry’s leading speakers
  • CPC, CTS, and CERS certification sessions
  • Networking lunches
  • Fast-track speaker breakouts
  • An “Owner/Manager Special Day”!
  • And a whole lot more!

As we’ve mentioned on several occasions, Hiring Hook recruitment website design and Big Biller recruiting software for applicant tracking are both sponsors of this year’s NAPS Conference!

The cost to attend the conference is $795 for NAPS members and $1,195 for non-members.  Recruiters are encouraged to contact NAPS about special pricing and payment plans.

Since 1961, NAPS has built a reputation for being the educator for the executive search and staffing industry.  The organization has accomplished this not only through its annual conference, but also through its certification program and emphasis on continuing education for search professionals.

This is it!  Only one month to go!  Sign up today!


Two weeks ago, Network recruiter Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group made four split placements.  This week, Cameron made three split placements . . . and he’s made 31 so far this year!

This might seem like an old story by now, but Cameron’s success is directly attributable to his Hiring Hook recruiting website.  And he’s certainly not the only one.  Another placement listed below was due to a Hiring Hook site, making half of the placements in this week’s Pinnacle Newsletter Blog the result of Hiring Hook.

Give us a call today at 330.455.1433 for more information about Hiring Hook websites!


Below are the split jobs that were recently filled by Top Echelon Network recruiters.

  • Split PlacementsField Sales Service Engineer
  • Chemical Process Engineer
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Lead Technical Engineer
  • Production Control Section Manager
  • Buyer
  • Manager of Customer Analytics
  • Digital Forensics Analyst

To find out how YOU can enjoy more success in Top Echelon Network, contact Membership Development Coordinator Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS at 330.455.1433, x156 or via email at


Network Recruiter Trey CameronRandall HardwickJob recruiter: Randall Hardwick of Avalon Recruiting

Candidate recruiter: Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group


Fee percentage: 22%

Action causing split placement: The job seeker or client was found through my Hiring Hook website.

— — —

Network Recruiter Trey Cameron

John Peterson of Sun Recruiting, Inc.

John Peterson

Job recruiter: John Peterson of Sun Recruiting, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group


Fee percentage: 25%

Action causing split placement: The job seeker or client was found through my Hiring Hook recruitment website.

— — —

Network Recruiter Trey CameronPaula SewardJob recruiter:Paula Seward of The Williams Company

Candidate recruiter: Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group


Fee percentage: 20%

Action causing split placement: The job seeker or client was found through my Hiring Hook recruitment website.

— — —

Brenda Wylie-Biggs, CPCDavid Wick, CPCJob recruiter: Brenda Wylie-Biggs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC

Candidate recruiter: David Wick, CPC of Career Center of Cincinnati, Inc.


Recruiter $ Per Hour: N/A

Action causing split placement: Top Echelon Contract staffing will handle this contract placement.

— — —

Brenda Wylie-Biggs, CPCNetwork Recruiter Jeff PetersJob recruiter: Brenda Wylie-Biggs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC

Candidate recruiter: Jeff Peters of Peters Search Group, LLC


Recruiter $ Per Hour: $6.78

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network recruiter

— — —

Bob MillmanAnjela MangrumJob recruiter: Bob Millman of AutoPro Technical Recruiting

Candidate recruiter: Anjela Mangrum of Mangrum Career Solutions, LLC

Job title: BUYER

Fee percentage: 20%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network recruiter

— — —

Rob SpauldingNetwork Recruiter Tracy HibshmanJob recruiter: Tracy Hibshman of Technical Finders, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Rob Spaulding of Spaulding Associates


Fee percentage: 20%

Action causing split placement: The job seeker or client was found through my Hiring Hook recruitment website.

— — —

Network Recruiter Deb NorthKristy JonesJob recruiter: Deb North of Deb North Consulting, LLC

Candidate recruiter: Kristy Bellingham Jones of Jones-Ingham Exec and Sales Recruiting


Fee percentage: 18%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network recruiter

— — —

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If there’s anything that the story of Network recruiter Terry Rhodes proves, it’s that perseverance is rewarded.

In his case, it was rewarded with a $1 million cash-in through Top Echelon Network, primarily by being an exporter.

Despite enjoying substantial success earlier in his recruiting career, Rhodes of NewCareers in Harrisonburg, VA hit some obstacles a few years ago inside Network.  He made just one placement in the Network each year from 2009 to 2011.  Placements in general became fewer and farther between.

The reason?  Rhodes acknowledged that, in addition to the general economic decline, his reluctance to embrace the rapidly expanding world of social media hampered his business.

Network Recruiter Terry Rhodes“During that time period, things had been tailing off,” said Rhodes, who joined Top Echelon Network in 1994.  “I didn’t respond in as timely a fashion as I needed in changing my [business] model and making it more attuned to today’s environment.  As a result, I saw a real change in production, and it took longer than I would have hoped to get back, but praise the Lord, I have since the end of 2011.”

Rhodes’s recent split placement with Neil Goldman of Neil Goldman & Associates was his 125th placement in Top Echelon Network.  Not only that, but the placement pushed his cash-in total as a Top Echelon Network recruiter to $1,002,551.  For his part, Rhodes is both pleased and relieved to have reached the rare milestone.

“It’s been a long time coming,” he said.

Before becoming an executive recruiter, Rhodes worked for almost 25 years in corporate America for seven companies.  By his account, he held over 20 different jobs.  It was his experience with those companies and jobs that led him to the recruiting profession.

“I used recruiters to find jobs, and I used recruiters to find talent,” said Rhodes. “I thought I at least knew a little about the profession, and I was tired of corporate America.  I decided to do my own thing, which was recruiting.”

However, Rhodes acknowledged the irony that accompanied his new career choice.

“In the end, I still ended up working with corporate America,” he said, “but at least I was my own boss, in a way.  Recruiting is an unusual business, though.  You’re actually working for two people.  You’re working for the client company and also working for the candidate, and in the end, you don’t have control over either one.”

Rhodes started recruiting in April of 1994 and in November of that same year, he joined Top Echelon Network.

“I had no background whatsoever,” he said.  “I was just self-taught, and I learned from my mistakes.  The smartest thing I did was join Top Echelon.  Without TE, I wouldn’t be where I am now, 20 years later.

“There were some rough times initially, and it was definitely interesting because I didn’t know any different.  I was just totally gung-ho.  The enthusiasm and adrenaline is really what got me started, and I still get that adrenaline.”

In the early days, those feelings of adrenaline were certainly intensified when Rhodes made a placement.

“It’s a feeling of satisfaction, for sure, but it doesn’t last long,” Rhodes said with a chuckle.  “You always have to be looking at where the next one is coming from.”

When Rhodes joined Top Echelon, his attitude regarding his participation in the Network was instrumental.

“There are a lot of different ways to have success, but they all boil down to one thing: hard work,” said Rhodes.  “When I joined the Network, I made the decision that I was going to put significant effort into it and it was going to be an important part of what I did.  If you do something, do it right and commit to it.

“If I can do that, there’s no reason why other people can’t.”

One of the things that’s unique about Rhodes’s success in the Network is that his 125 split placements have been made with a diverse group of recruiters.  In many cases, when a Network recruiter makes a considerable amount of placements, they have a Core Group of Trading Partners—four or five other recruiters with whom they work.  Such is not the case with Rhodes.

“If you go through the 125 splits I’ve made, you’re going to find only about four or five recruiters that I’ve made more than three splits with,” said Rhodes.  “I guess that’s indicative of the fact that I’m a true generalist rather than a niche player, which kind of hits the bread basket of the Network.”

In short, Rhodes hasn’t relied upon a niche market or industry to help achieve tremendous amounts of success in Top Echelon.  Working as a generalist, he’s relied upon his commitment to the Network, a commitment rooted in hard work and determination.  In addition, he expressed appreciation for the quality and commitment of his Trading Partners, a group of highly competent professionals.

Network Recruiter Mary Beth RhodesRhodes has also relied heavily upon his assistant . . . who also happens to be his wife, Mary Beth Rhodes.

“None of this would have been accomplished without Mary Beth,” said Rhodes. “We’ve worked as a team for over 20 years.  A lot of people have asked us, ‘How in the world can you work with your spouse?’  It was just a natural transition.  Mary Beth was a homemaker while the kids were growing up, and when the children left, she worked in the business.”

Rhodes and his wife have four children, all grown.

“They all graduated from different Virginia state universities during those 20 years, without any debt at the end,” he said. “I thank God and the business for that.  I feel that God has blessed me during these many years, and I certainly want to acknowledge that.”

So while Terry Rhodes’s story proves that perseverance and hard work is rewarded, perhaps it also proves that faith is rewarded, as well.

— — —

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Jim Petitpren has made 7 placements as a Top Echelon Network recruiter.  His agency, The PRA Group, Inc., has been a Preferred Member since 2012.

Recruiter CommentsJimmy Folger has made 4 placements as a Top Echelon Network recruiter.  His agency, OneSource Technical, Inc., has been a Preferred Member since 2007.

Debbie Reiger has made 15 placements as a Top Echelon Network recruiter.  Her agency, Reiger Technical Search, has been a Preferred Member since 2011.

Sean Napoles has made 183 placements as a Top Echelon Network recruiter.  His agency, Career Brokers, Inc. has been a Preferred Member since 2000.


Sean Napoles is one of the most successful split recruiters in the history of Top Echelon Network.  Over $1 million cash-in and 183 placements are certainly a testament to that.  However, a further indication of his success is his desire to keep making split placements with recruiters he’s never made split placements with before . . . like the placement listed below.  It doesn’t matter how many placements you’ve made in the Network.  You can ALWAYS make a split with a new recruiter.

— — —

Jim PetitprenJimmy Folger“Another successful placement between our two companies.  Thanks, Jimmy . . . great job!”

Submitted by Jim Petitpren of The PRA Group, Inc. regarding his Network split placement with Jimmy Folger of ONESource Technical, Inc.


Fee Percentage—22.5%

(Editor’s note: This is the second Network split that Petitpren and Folger have made together in Top Echelon.)

— — —

Sean Napoles, CPCDebbie Reiger“FINALLY, Sean and I made a split!  Thanks, Sean!”

Submitted by Debbi Reiger of Reiger Technical Search regarding her Network split placement with Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.

Position Title—MANAGER IT PMO

Fee Percentage—20%

(Editor’s note: This is the first Network split that Reiger and Napoles have made together in Top Echelon.)

— — —

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Split PartnersSplit partner relationships are the lifeblood of Top Echelon Network.  There’s no doubt about that.  But how exactly do Network recruiters find new Trading Partners?

After all, even if you’re not a new Network recruiter, you can still find split partners in the Network you’ve haven’t made placements with.  Recent issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog have highlighted the fact that’s exactly what some recruiters in the Network are doing.

We recently conducted a survey of Network recruiters, and that survey was based upon the following question:

Which of the following tools do you use most often to find split partners?


The choice of answers that were provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters who selected each answer:

  • Split Candidate Database — 15.7%
  • Split Job Order Database — 51.0%
  • “Who Works What” — 19.6%
  • MEGA Database — 0.0%
  • Call Drea (TE) — 13.7%


Network SurveyFar and away, the most popular answer among survey participants was “Split Job Order Database” at 51.0%.  “Who Works What” was a distant second at 19.6%, while “Split Candidate Database” finished third with 15.7% of the vote.

Top Echelon Network recruiters prefer to search the Split Job Order database in their quest to find new split partners.  While they certainly use other means to find split partners, this is how they find the most success.


Which means to YOU use to find split partners in Top Echelon Network?  Are they the ones listed above, or do you have others?