Network Survey: How Do Recruiters Find Split Partners?


Split PartnersSplit partner relationships are the lifeblood of Top Echelon Network.  There’s no doubt about that.  But how exactly do Network recruiters find new Trading Partners?

After all, even if you’re not a new Network recruiter, you can still find split partners in the Network you’ve haven’t made placements with.  Recent issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog have highlighted the fact that’s exactly what some recruiters in the Network are doing.

We recently conducted a survey of Network recruiters, and that survey was based upon the following question:

Which of the following tools do you use most often to find split partners?


The choice of answers that were provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters who selected each answer:

  • Split Candidate Database — 15.7%
  • Split Job Order Database — 51.0%
  • “Who Works What” — 19.6%
  • MEGA Database — 0.0%
  • Call Drea (TE) — 13.7%


Network SurveyFar and away, the most popular answer among survey participants was “Split Job Order Database” at 51.0%.  “Who Works What” was a distant second at 19.6%, while “Split Candidate Database” finished third with 15.7% of the vote.

Top Echelon Network recruiters prefer to search the Split Job Order database in their quest to find new split partners.  While they certainly use other means to find split partners, this is how they find the most success.


Which means to YOU use to find split partners in Top Echelon Network?  Are they the ones listed above, or do you have others?

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