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Almost every week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we highlight recent split placements that Preferred Member recruiters in Top Echelon’s recruiter network have made together.  These split placements are the result of many things—mainly collaboration between Trading Partners—but the split placement highlighted in this blog post owes its genesis to something else, as well: attendance at a Top Echelon conference.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, because the 2011 Top Echelon Network Fall Conference is rapidly approaching, and we want you to do three things:

  1. Attend the Fall Conference.
  2. Meet other recruiters and build Trading Partner relationships.
  3. Make split placements with these other recruiters.

Now in 2010, Top Echelon Network did NOT hold a National Convention and a Fall Conference.  Instead, there were six mini-conferences held throughout the country.  The last of these events was in Columbus, Ohio, in November.  It was at this conference that Rose Langhals of Bridgeway Professionals, Inc. and Lloyd Shoemaker of Miami Professional Search, LLC met one another.

Lloyd ShoemakerShortly following the conference, Shoemaker received a job order from a client with which he hadn’t worked for a while.  The job order was for an Engineer, and it wasn’t long after Shoemaker submitted the order to the Network that Langhals found it in the Split Job Order Database.

“I connected with Rose at the Ohio [regional conference] in November, and she contacted me when she saw the opening,” said Shoemaker.

Eventually, Shoemaker and Langhals placed the candidate, and recently, they split the fee associated with the placement.  Of course, if they hadn’t met at the Columbus regional conference last year, they never would have made the split placement together.

And that’s the crucial aspect of this blog post—this was a placement they never would have made.  However, but for attending the conference, Langhal’s candidate was placed at Shoemaker’s company and the two shared a placement fee as a result.

Rose LanghalsThis is why we’re whole-heartedly encouraging you to attend the Fall Conference at the Embassy Suites in Chicago on Thursday, October 20, and Friday, October 21.  Because Chicago is located roughly in the center of the country, our Fall Conference has always been a very popular and well-attended event, presenting an opportunity for Preferred Members to network with one another and share hot job orders and candidates.

Yes, we’re in the grip of a summer heat wave right now . . . but eventually, the air will cool and the leaves will fall.  Make plans to join us for the conference and position yourself and your firm for success during the rest of 2011 and into 2012.

We’ll be publishing the preliminary agenda for the Fall Conference in the near future, as well as offering Early Bird Registration for the event in the Members’ Area.  Be sure to check future issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog and the news section of the Members’ Area for more information regarding the conference and how you can register.

We look forward to seeing you there!  (And of course, to seeing you make more split placements!)

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Jay LaneyWelcome to the next installment of “The Value of the Network,” where we present a recent split placement in which the recruiters involved relied heavily upon one another—or other resources of Top Echelon’s network of job placement recruiters—in order to succeed.  (Thereby, you know, illustrating the value of being a Preferred Member of the Network . . . but I suppose that’s obvious.  Ahem.)

Anyway, the recruiters who were part of the split placement featured in this installment of the series are Jay Laney of The Williams Company and Dan Schultz, CSP of Premier Employment Solutions.

Laney and Schultz recently placed a Plant Manager, earning a 25% fee in the process.  That process was anything but a short one, but the two recruiters hung in there until the very end, and their combined patience paid off in the form of a split placement fee.

Laney was the job order recruiter for this placement, while Schultz provided the candidate.  According to Laney, the candidate’s salary requirements proved to be an obstacle at different times.

“Dan sent this candidate early in my process,” said Laney.  “I submitted him three different times for this role.  Each of the three times, he was rejected due to his salary being too high.  They finally interviewed him and loved him, but rejected him, again due to salary.”

Dan SchultzHowever, time turned out to be on our heroes’ side.  That’s because the company continued to interview candidates and continued to be underwhelmed by them—at least in comparison to Schultz’s candidate.

“After a month of meeting people [who] didn’t measure up, they finally stepped up and got their man,” said Laney.

Laney praised Schultz for the patience that he displayed throughout the process.  Although it looked as though the company was dead-set against hiring Schultz’s candidate, that’s exactly what it did . . . and Laney and Schultz split their placement check last week as a result.

“Dan was patient the entire time somehow,” said Laney.  “After crazy negotiations leading to 90-day delayed start, we finally got paid before July 4—as promised!”

How has the Network been valuable for you?  We’d like to tell your story, so send it to, and you could be featured in an upcoming issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog!

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Top-Producing RecruitersIt’s that time again—time to recognize recruiters in The Top Echelon recruiter network for their accomplishments and achievements.  That’s because the second quarter ended recently, and that means we have the award winners for not only the month of June, but also for the second quarter of 2011.  Just to review, we recognize Preferred Member recruiters for both monthly and quarterly performance in two categories—Recruiter of the Month and Highest Split Placement Fee of the Month.

Below are the winners of these awards for June of 2011, as well as the second quarter of the year.  We’d like to congratulate those recruiters who earned them and thank them for their efforts.  For more information about the placements and cash-in totals associated with these awards, please login to the Members’ Area and view the profiles and placement details of the recruiters involved.

— — —

David M. SgroRecruiter of the Month
David M. Sgro of True North Consultants, Inc.

Sgro was one of two recruiters who made two Network split placements during the month of June.

He edged out Juli Smith of The Smith Consulting Group, LLC for this award based upon his cash-in total for those two split placements.

— — —

Juli SmithRecruiter of the Quarter

Juli Smith of The Smith Consulting Group, LLC

Sgro may have won the “Recruiter of the Month” award, but Smith snagged this honor for the second quarter of 2011.  She did so by making four split placements within the Network during the quarter.

Jim Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick & Associates and James Compton of Compton & Associates finished second and third, respectively, with three split placements apiece.

— — —

Gail WilliamsHighest Split Placement Fee of the Month
Denise Milano Sprung of Joseph Associates and Gail Williams of Williams Recruiting, Inc.

This placement was for a Head of Cancer Biology.  Milano Sprung was the job order recruiter, and Williams was the candidate recruiter.  The action causing this placement was listed as “Regular phone communication with a TE Network Member in my specialty area.”

— — —

Gail WilliamsHighest Split Placement Fee of the Quarter
Denise Milano Sprung of Joseph Associates and Gail Williams of Williams Recruiting, Inc.

Not surprisingly, the placement that Milano Sprung and Williams made in June was also worthy of this award.  In fact, there’s a good chance that this placement will garner the “Largest Split Placement” award for all of 2011.  If you haven’t already done so, read the blog post that describes how this placement was made.

— — —

Top Echelon Network is a split placement network.  As such, we place an emphasis on split placements, and that emphasis constitutes our criteria for these awards.  We determine the monthly and quarterly award winners based upon two things: 1.) The number of split placements made, and 2.) The amount of cash-in dollars earned.

Question: What’s better than making a split placement with a Trading Partner in Top Echelon’s recruiter network?

Answer: Making more than one split placement with a Trading Partner in Top Echelon Network!

'Comments' and ComplimentsAnd that’s the focus of this week’s installment of “Comments and Compliments,” which features recruiters who have made multiple split placements with one another in the Network.  This perfectly illustrates the value that Top Echelon Network can offer to recruiters.  Not only do we want recruiters to make split placements with each other, but we want them to make placement after placement after placement . . .

Do you have just such a relationship with another recruiter in Top Echelon Network?  Have you made multiple split placements with them over the years and would like to recognize them for the work they do and their commitment as a Trading Partner?  If so, send your information to, and you could be featured in a future installment of “‘Comments’ and Compliments” or “The Hot Sheet.”

— — —

Jim StricklandRussell Schutt“Jim, another great deal!  Thanks for checking [references] and for all of your help.  We have more coming, so it looks good.  Hope this makes your golf game better, and I’ll talk to you soon.”

Submitted by Russell Schutt, CSP of Progressive Executive, Inc., regarding his split placement with Jim Strickland of BioSource International

Position Title—Account Manager-Industrial/Fluid Power
Fee Percentage—30%

(Editor’s Note: This is the fourth split placement that Schutt and Strickland have made together in the Network.)

— — —

Cindy SommerTrey Cameron“Thanks for this exceptional candidate!”

Submitted by Cindy Sommer of SearchStars, Inc. regarding her split placement with Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

Position Title—Physician Assistant (High-Risk OB)
Fee Percentage—18%

(Editor’s Note: This is the second split placement that Sommer and Cameron have made together in the Network.)

— — —

Remember, if you have comments for a Trading Partner regarding a split placement, please email those comments to