The Value of the Network: True Partners in the Placement Process


Jay LaneyWelcome to the next installment of “The Value of the Network,” where we present a recent split placement in which the recruiters involved relied heavily upon one another—or other resources of Top Echelon’s network of job placement recruiters—in order to succeed.  (Thereby, you know, illustrating the value of being a Preferred Member of the Network . . . but I suppose that’s obvious.  Ahem.)

Anyway, the recruiters who were part of the split placement featured in this installment of the series are Jay Laney of The Williams Company and Dan Schultz, CSP of Premier Employment Solutions.

Laney and Schultz recently placed a Plant Manager, earning a 25% fee in the process.  That process was anything but a short one, but the two recruiters hung in there until the very end, and their combined patience paid off in the form of a split placement fee.

Laney was the job order recruiter for this placement, while Schultz provided the candidate.  According to Laney, the candidate’s salary requirements proved to be an obstacle at different times.

“Dan sent this candidate early in my process,” said Laney.  “I submitted him three different times for this role.  Each of the three times, he was rejected due to his salary being too high.  They finally interviewed him and loved him, but rejected him, again due to salary.”

Dan SchultzHowever, time turned out to be on our heroes’ side.  That’s because the company continued to interview candidates and continued to be underwhelmed by them—at least in comparison to Schultz’s candidate.

“After a month of meeting people [who] didn’t measure up, they finally stepped up and got their man,” said Laney.

Laney praised Schultz for the patience that he displayed throughout the process.  Although it looked as though the company was dead-set against hiring Schultz’s candidate, that’s exactly what it did . . . and Laney and Schultz split their placement check last week as a result.

“Dan was patient the entire time somehow,” said Laney.  “After crazy negotiations leading to 90-day delayed start, we finally got paid before July 4—as promised!”

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