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Every week, when we run the split placements, we like to highlight recruiters who’ve made more than two placements in a single week.  After all, making one Network placement is cause for celebration, but two?  Break out the party favors!

Recent PlacementsThis week, we have one recruiter and one firm that have accomplished the feat.  The recruiter is Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search, Inc., and the firm is Continental Search & Outplacement, Inc.  The recruiters who made split placements and are part of Continental Search are Dan Simmons, CPC and Jim Hipskind, CPC.

All three of these recruiters have been models of production during their tenures as Top Echelon Network Preferred Members, and that includes this year.  So far in 2012, Tappis has made five Network placements, Simmons has made four, and Hipskind has made one (he also made three in 2011).

Those are just three of the many recruiters who made placements this week.  In fact, it looks like we’ll need more party favors.  Hold on just a second . . .



Marc TappisBob SmallJob order recruiter: Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Bob Small of Carroll Technology Services, Inc.


Fee Percentage—20%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter


 — — —


Marc TappisDan Simmons, CPCJob order recruiter: Daniel Simmons of Continental Search & Outplacement, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search, Inc.


Fee Percentage—12.5%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter



 — — —


Jim Hipskind, CPCBob FerrisJob order recruiter: Jim Hipskind, CPC of Continental Search & Outplacement, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Bob Ferris of Ferris & Associates, LLC


Fee Percentage—25%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter


 — — —

Daniel WilliamsDoug PajakJob order recruiter: Daniel L. Williams of The Williams Company

Candidate recruiter: Douglas Pajak of Alternate Route


Fee Percentage—25%

Action causing split placement: The job order or candidate was found by searching Top Echelon’s split databases.


 — — —


Amy SimpsonMike McDonoughJob order recruiter: Amy Simpson of The James Allen Companies, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Mike McDonough of General Search and Recruitment


Fee Percentage—25%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter


 — — —


Steve KaneStephanie McGintyJob order recruiter: Steve Kane of Bio-Partners Search Group, LLC

Candidate recruiter:Stephanie McGinty of Ives & Associates, Inc.


Fee Percentage—Flat

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter

 — — —

If you’d like to see the amount of the fees associated with each of the split placements listed above, login to the Members’ Area and click on the profiles of the recruiters involved.  The fee totals will be included along with those split placements.

Remember, you can opt out of having your split placement highlighted.  Just send an email to indicating your desire to be left out.  Once you do so, you won’t be included in future installments of this feature.

— — —

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Longevity in the recruiting profession is nothing to sneeze at (or cough at, for that matter).  Recruiting is not an easy profession, and every year, firms go out of business as a direct result.

Longevity in Top Echelon Network is nothing to sneeze at, either, and that’s why we want to recognize those Preferred Member firms that are celebrating a Network anniversary during the month of June.  At the top of the list is Career Professionals, Inc. in Morristown, Pa., which is celebrating its 21st anniversary this month.

In addition, Helffrich International in Oldsmar, Fla., and Walter & Associates, Inc. in Olathe, Kan., are celebrating their 21st anniversary.  Congratulations to those firms, and all the other Preferred Member firms listed below.

Career Professionals, Inc.22 years

Career Professionals, Inc. (June 27)

21 years

Helffrich International (June 26)
Walter & Associates, Inc. (June 27)

13 years

Stephens International (June 30)

12 years

North Peak Group (June 28)

10 years

Ohrmund Employment Group (June 5)
Person Plus Incorporated (June 5)
Sissom & Associates (June 25)

9 years

JS Griffith & Associates (June 23)
PSW Groups (June 26)

8 years

Clinical Dynamix, Inc. (June 23)
Front Line solutions, LLC (June 16)
SAP Recruiters (June 29)

7 years

JR Walters Resources (June 9)

6 years

Management Analysis & Utilization, Inc. (June 29)
Professional Placement Consulting Group (June 2)
The Smith Consulting Group, LLC (June 26)

5 years

Catapult Resources West (June 7)
General Search and Recruitment (June 1)
Management Search Partners (June 18)

4 years

Reiger Technical Search (June 19)

3 years

Balanced Career Solutions, Inc. (June 8)
Dayspring & Associates (June 1)
Ehlers Recruiting Partners (June 30)
Shanklin & Associates (June 25)
Spaulding Associates (June 4)

2 years

HG Arias & Associates (June 28)

1 year

EPG Solutions (June 21)
IT Audit Search (June 6)
Orion Delta Group (June 30)


— — —

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Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERSBelieve it or not, July is almost here.  I would say something about how quickly time flies, but by the time I did, it would be August.  Better just to embrace the present, rather than comment on the rapidly aging past or the accelerating future.

Speaking of that future, I have for you the Virtual Core Group (VCG) schedule for the month of July.  Yes, I know: summer is here.  Yes, I know: many of you are on vacation or will be on vacation.

That is irrelevant.  I STILL want you to attend a VCG teleconference call during the month of July.  Why?  Because I’m an oppressive Membership Development Coordinator who enjoys ruling with an iron fist?  Partly, yes.

But the other reason is that I know for a fact just how valuable these teleconference calls can be for recruiters who are interested in maximizing their Top Echelon Network Preferred Membership and putting the resources of their Trading Partners to good use for the purpose of making more split placements.

Below is the Virtual Core Group teleconference call schedule for the month of July (all times listed are Eastern Standard Time).


Date Core Group/Time Core Group/Time Core Group/Time
Thursday, July 5
Manufacturing, Engineering
noon to 1 p.m.
Accounting, Finance
1:30 to 2:30 p.m.
Biotech, Pharma, Medical Device
3 to 4 p.m.
Thursday, July 12
noon to 1 p.m.
Software Sales
1:30 to 2:30 p.m.
Information Technology
3 to 4 p.m.
Thursday, July 19
Open for New Group Open for New Group Open for New Group
Thursday, July 26
Open for New Group Open for New Group Open for New Group


Virtual Core Group meetings are regularly scheduled conference calls for Preferred Member recruiters who work in the same industry or niche.  During these calls, recruiters share information about the activity they’re seeing, they share hot job orders and candidates, and they also bounce ideas off one another.

As you can see above, the first two Thursdays of the month and the first slot of the third Thursday are filled with conference calls.  That means the second and third slot of the third Thursday are open, as well as all three slots of the fourth Thursday.  It ALSO means that we have plenty of room for growth.

If you think you’d like to start a new Virtual Core Group—or join an existing one—please contact me!

That means YOU.


— — —

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For Preferred Member recruiters who are awash in job orders right now, getting their hands on qualified candidates is a top priority . . . and they can do just that at the upcoming Top Echelon Network Fall Conference.

Shally SteckerlThe Conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 11, and Friday, October 12, at the Sheraton Chicago O’Hare.  How are you going to find the candidates you need at the Fall Conference?

First and foremost, you’ll be meeting and greeting other Preferred Members, who will be bringing their hot job orders and candidates with them.  Second, the main speaker for the conference is Shally Steckrl, one of the recruiting industry’s leading sourcing specialist.

Below are the titles and descriptions of the three sessions that Steckerl will be presenting in Chicago:

‘Simple Search Shortcuts’

Quick and simple search shortcuts via numrange, intext, Gigablast, Blekko, DuckDuckGo, and filetype CSE allow you to be more efficient.

‘Break LinkedIn Barriers’

Wondering how to best break those LinkedIn barriers?  Alumni search, skills beta, sperse, bing first name last initial, along with find members of ANY group will be sure to get you out of your sourcing slump!

Enhance your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and profiles by differentiation.

‘Sourcing Time Savers’

Learn how to use tools such as Social CSE, Cloud Doc CSE, Wink, Pipl, peekyou,, and LinkedIn hacks as time-saving methods to make the most of your social sourcing.

Early Bird Registration for the Fall Conference is currently underway.  The price of Early Bird is just $210 per person.  However, this price won’t be around forever.  Sign up now, save money, and plan to join us in Chicago for a great training and networking event!

And of course, find the candidates you need . . .

Register for the Fall Conference.
View the preliminary agenda.
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What does the book The Three Musketeers and Top Echelon Network have in common?  Nothing, really.

But that’s not going to stop ME from making a connection.

The slogan of the Three Musketeers, of course, was “All for one, and one for all.”  Well, I’m going to tweak that slogan slightly for Network purposes.  Why?  Why not?

'Comments' and ComplimentsNot only that, but the recruiters in this week’s installment of “‘Comments’ and Compliments” are making their first split placement with one another, proving that once again, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the Network: you can still make splits with new recruiters.

So let’s change the slogan to “One for all, and all for one” . . . split placement, that is.  The truth be told, though, these recruiters probably won’t stop at one split—and of course, that’s a good thing.

They’ll make as many split placements together as they can, because once you make one, it’s easier to make more.

If you’d like to thank another recruiter for their efforts in a split placement situation, send your information to  Your comments might be included in an upcoming issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog!

— — —

Peter Oettinger“Pete was great fun to work with!  I was in the ‘Springs’ visiting my daughter when I received the referral from Pete.  On the Tuesday after Memorial Day, the candidate was interviewed by myself and the client.  Within five hours of the initial contact, the position was filled!  It’s wonderful when you work with others who send you quality candidates, the client is very responsive, and the candidate is available for interviewing.  Makes placements fun!”

Submitted by Jeff Peters of Peters Search Group, LLC regarding his split placement with Peter Oettinger of Front Line Solutions, LLC

Fee Percentage—Flat

(Editor’s note: this is the first split placement that Peters and Oettinger have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

— — —

Veronica Snyder“Joe was right on target with this candidate!  Joe sent me the resume shortly after we posted the job order on TE.  Thank goodness he keeps an eye on the new job orders being posted on TE!  Cheers, Joe!”

Submitted by Veronica Snyder of Career Professionals, Inc. regarding her split placement with Joe Pelayo of Joseph Michaels International.

Position Title—PLANT MANAGER
Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: this is the first split placement that Snyder and Pelayo have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

— — —

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(Editor’s Note: This is the next in a series of guest blog posts about contract staffing, courtesy of Top Echelon Contracting, the recruiter’s back-office solution.  Similar posts will appear in future issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.)

Debbie FledderjohannThe Department of Labor (DOL) has released some new mobile and Internet Browser apps designed to help employees, but recruiters may find a couple of them helpful when negotiating pay rates.

These new apps are the product of online and mobile development contests that the DOL launched in July.  The “Labor Wage Statistics” and the “Occupation Wage Data” mobile apps both allow you to find salaries based on occupation, industry, and location right from your Android smartphone.

These apps do not appear to be available on the iPhone at this time.

A similar app for your Internet Browser called “Where are the Jobs?” allows you to not only look up salaries for specific occupations, but also see the top states for those occupations and the average number of jobs each state has in that area.  The OES Map Web app also provides wage and job information by occupation and state.

As a benchmark to begin negotiations for contractor hourly pay rates, you can divide the average annual salary for a comparable direct position by 2,080 hours (approximately one year) to get the hourly rate.

We’ve saved you some of the work by providing a free Salary-to-Hourly Conversion Table that you can download.


— — —

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