This One is in the Running for Placement of the Year!

By now, you probably know that Michael Stuck of Gables Search Group, Inc. is the Recruiter of the Month in Top Echelon Network for the month of March.

Top-Producing RecruitersHowever, you might not know that one of the reasons he earned that honor is because he was part of the Highest Split Placement Fee of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2013.  That makes sense, since after the number of split placements made, a recruiter’s cash-in total is the second criteria that we consider when determining who wins our monthly and quarterly Network awards.

What makes this particular placement special is that its fee is so high that it’s currently in the running for the Highest Split Placement Fee of the Year.  Fees that have won this award in the past have actually been smaller than the one that Stuck and his Trading Partner, Steve Strickland of American Career Search, Inc. recently made.

So don’t be surprised if you see Stuck’s face in the future (in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, that is).  You might also see him in person at a Top Echelon Network conference or convention or at a Regional Core Group meeting . . . or if you and he are good friends, you might cross paths on a social basis.

You get the picture.  Move along.

— — —

Michael Stuck of Gables Search Group, Inc. and Steve Strickland of American Career Search, Inc.

This placement was for a Chief Executive Officer.  Stuck was the job order recruiter, and Strickland was the candidate recruiter.  The action causing this split placement was listed as, “Regular phone communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter in my specialty area.”

— — —

Job order recruiter: John Moskonas of The ARGroup of Search Companies
Candidate recruiter: Roy Cope of R. Cope & Associates, Inc.
Position title: Vice President – Assistant Controller

Job order recruiter: Pamela Ratz DeVille, CPC of Managed Medicaid Services
Candidate recruiter: Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group
Position title: VP of Finance

Job order recruiter: Richard Connors of Vista Technology
Candidate recruiter: Alan Daum of Alan N. Daum & Associates, Inc.
Position title: Automation Engineer – BioPharmaceutical

Job order recruiter: Maja Munoz of Human Technologies, Inc.
Candidate recruiter: Rob Spaulding of Spaulding Associates
Position title: Key Account Sales – Central

— — —

For more information about the cash-in totals associated with these placements (specifically, the exact amount of the fees), please login to the Top Echelon Network Members’ Area and view the details associated with the placements.

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