The Members of the Network’s ‘100 Placement Club’

Matt DeutschAs you might have heard us mention a time or two, Top Echelon Network will be celebrating its 25th year of existence in 2013.

But why wait?  Let’s start celebrating right now!  There’s no time like the present!  Besides, there are some who say the world is going to end before 2013 even gets here, so let’s party like it’s 1999!  (Actually scratch that; my 1999 party wasn’t that great.)

Anyway, one of the things we’ll be doing to celebrate this milestone is recognize those recruiters who have accomplished tremendous milestones as Preferred Members of Top Echelon Network during the past 24+ years.  One of those milestones is making 100 placements.

And you might be interested to know—and I’m interested to tell you—that in the 24 years that Top Echelon Network has been in business, 24 recruiters have made 100 placements or more as Preferred Members.  Coincidence?  Maybe . . . probably . . . work with me here.

Below is the list of the 24 recruiters who comprise “The Top Echelon Network 100 Placement Club.”  Some are no longer in the Network.  The names of those recruiters are in italics.

1. Bruce Ramstad of Bruce L. Ramstad307
2. Gary Silver of The Shay Group224
3. Jim Bostic of The Bostic Group, Inc.—224
4. Jerry Walter of Walter & Associates, Inc.180
5. Jim Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick & Associates176
6. Dan Simmons of Continental Search & Outplacement, Inc.175
7. Dan Regan of Maxwell Marcus Corporate Recruiters—171
8. Sean Napoles of Career Brokers, Inc.164
9. Lou Michaels of Lou Michaels Associates, Inc.162
10. Kate Bell of Bell & Associates—157
11. Al Katz of First Search—152
12. Elvin Erickson of Erickson & Associates, Inc.—143
13. Allen Davis of, Inc.—140
14. Heidi Kay of Kay Concepts, Inc.—135 (currently with another Preferred Member firm)
15. Richard Lechtenberg of Dick Berg & Associates—131
16. Colleen Switala of Database Search, Inc.—123
17. Donna Carroll of Systems Personnel122
18. Terry Rhodes of newcareers122
19. Bill Williams—114
20. Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group124
21. Johnny Winn The Anchor Group—106
22. Antoinette Andrews of Quantum Advantage, Inc.—104
23. Joyce Gray of Rhodes International, Inc.—101
24. David Kersey of Kersey & Associates, Inc.100

Twenty-four recruiters in 24 years.  So the question is this one: how close is the next recruiter to reaching the 100-placement plateau?

The next recruiter is Steve Brody of Executive Resource Systems.  Not only is Steve a Charter Member, but he’s made 96 Network placements to date.  If he can make four more, he’ll become the 25th recruiter to make 100 placements in Top Echelon Network.

How fitting would that be?

So, Steve—we’re rooting for you.  We wish you split placement success.  And you know, if you can make your 100th before next March, that would be great.

No pressure, though . . . just thinking out loud.  You understand.


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