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One of the great things about the split placements section in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog each week is that you just never know whose face you’re going to see.

It could be a new face, or it could be a familiar face.  It could be somebody making their first split placement as a Preferred Member recruiter in Top Echelon Network, or it could be somebody making their 100th split placement.

Recent PlacementsAnd it just so happens that we have a combination of new names and familiar faces in this week’s issue.  Familiar faces like Maria Hemminger, Bob Small, Marc Tappis, and Sean Napoles are included, as well as new faces like Maja Munoz and John Moskonas.

This is what we strive for every week: we want to see those who have already made split placements in the Network continuing to do so and those who haven’t made any Network splits in the past to start making them.

So enjoy this week’s placements, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a new name or a familiar face, we hope that you’re included in this feature very soon.



Mario FidanziJohn MoskonasJob order recruiter: John Moskonas of The ARGroup of Search Companies

Candidate recruiter: Mario Fidanzi of MedTeam Staffing, Inc.


Fee Percentage—25%

Action causing split placement: The job seeker or client was found through my Hiring Hook Website.

— — —

Betsy HarperArthur RogoveJob order recruiter: Betsy Harper of Sales and Marketing Search, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Arthur Rogove of Merit Consulting, Inc.


Fee Percentage—25%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter


— — —

Marc TappisBob SmallJob order recruiter: Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Bob Small of Carroll Technology Services, Inc.


Fee Percentage—20%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter

— — —

Maria HemmingerDavid M. Sgro, CPCJob order recruiter: Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC

Candidate recruiter: David M. Sgro, CPC of True North Consultants, Inc.


Fee Percentage—20%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter

— — —

Carol BrinkmanSean Napoles, CPCJob order recruiter: Carol Brinkman of Corporate Resources, LLC

Candidate recruiter: Sean Napoles of Career Brokers, Inc.


Fee Percentage—25%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter

— — —

Eric V. Stearley, CPCMaja MunozJob order recruiter: Eric V. Stearley, CPC of Eric V. Stearley, CPC & Associates

Candidate recruiter: Maja Munoz of Human Technologies, Inc.


Fee Percentage—23%

Action causing split placement: The job order or candidate was found by searching Top Echelon Network’s split databases.

— — —

Jay Canowitz<strongFrank ChaviraJob order recruiter: Jay Canowitz of Ives & Associates, Inc.

Candidate recruiter: Frank Chavira of HG Arias & Associates


Fee Percentage—25%

Action causing split placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiter

 — — —

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(Editor’s Note: This is the next in a series of guest blog posts about contract staffing, courtesy of Top Echelon Contracting, the recruiter’s back-office solution.  Similar posts will appear in future issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.)

Debbie FledderjohannThe increased use of contractors over the past few years is more than just a knee-jerk reaction to the recession, according to a recent survey by Randstad.

The Randstad Workforce360 Study found that companies are beginning to view blended workforces – those that include a mix of traditional employees and contingent workers – as a long-term business strategy.

Of the 225 human resource managers surveyed, 67% are using contractors in some capacity. In addition, 71% of companies with blended workforces reported that the flexibility provided by their contractors has allowed them to “remain nimble” in the uncertain economy. Twenty-one percent of the companies surveyed plan to increase their contract worker population in the next year.

“What used to be viewed as a temporary stop-gap measure, the utilization of a contingent workforce alongside full-time talent is no longer a contingency plan,” Managing Director of Human Resources for Randstad US Jim Link said in a press release. “We believe this integrated staffing model will be fundamental to operational and fiscal success for the foreseeable future.”

This is no surprise to us at Top Echelon Contracting. We have noticed that companies are taking their use of contractors beyond what is typical in an economic recovery. In fact, many are implementing a whole new workforce strategy in which they maintain a core group of employees supplemented by a more flexible outer ring of contractors. As a result, Top Echelon Contracting experienced a 22% increase in commercial contract placements in 2011 and is seeing a continued upward trend this year.

This is good news for recruiters as it represents a whole new crop of placement opportunities. If you have previously only placed direct hire candidates, now is the perfect time to pursue contract staffing job orders.

The process for placing contractors is essentially the same as placing direct hires. In many cases it is actually easier because contract placements typically happen much quicker as companies try to meet an immediate need or deadline.

To learn how to add contract staffing to your business model, download our FREE Contract Training Kit.


— — —

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Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERSHere at Top Echelon, we’re excited about the Network’s 25th anniversary.  This is especially the case after the robust attendance that we enjoyed at the recent Fall Conference in Chicago.

I say “robust” because attendance at that event represented the most recruiters we’ve had at a National Convention or Fall Conference for a few years.  Six or seven years ago, it was normal for anywhere between 150 and 180 recruiters to attend one of our events.

With that in mind, it might not surprise you to know that our goal is to get that many Preferred Member recruiters to sign up for the 2013 National Convention.  The convention is scheduled for Thursday, April 25, through Saturday, April 27, at the Trade Winds Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg, Fla.

As we’ve mentioned before, this our 25th anniversary convention, so we’re going to blow it up “Gangnam Style”!

Okay, that was a joke.  There’s no way we’re doing THAT.  However, now that I have your attention, I’d like to inform you that “Early Bird Registration” for the 2013 National Convention will be available on Wednesday, December 5.

That might seem like that’s way off . . . but it’s.  It’s only a month and a couple of days.  So if you plan to join us in Florida next April for the convention, be sure to register during the Early Bird period, because that’s when you can take advantage of the best price for the convention.

(And we haven’t raised the price for our National Convention in years.  In fact, we’ve dropped the price.  That’s how much we believe in the value that these events provide.)

If you haven’t already made plans to join us in Florida next April, you should seriously consider doing so.  It’s going to be one of our best events ever—and it will be even better if YOU are there to join in the fun and networking.

— — —

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Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERSAs many of you are aware, we hold a training session every Friday for users of the Big Biller recruiting software.  This session is designed to cover the basics of Big Biller for anybody wanting to know more about how to use the software (and use it correctly, I might add).

I’m pleased to announce that starting next month, I will be conducting a weekly “Network Basic Training” session, modeled after our Friday Big Biller training.

Like the Big Biller training, this session will cover the basics of your Top Echelon Network Preferred Membership.  In other words, it will help you to get the most out of your Membership in the Network—what things you should be doing, when you be doing them, and how you should be doing them.

The Big Biller training on Friday starts at 1 p.m., Eastern Standard Time (EST).  My Network Basic Training session will take place immediately after that, at 2 p.m., EST.

The procedure for this training will be the same as that for the Big Biller training.  There will be a link in the news section of the Members’ Area containing a link for joining my session.  There’s no need to register; all you have to do is join the session right before it begins or while it’s in the progress.

The first Top Echelon Network Basic Training session is scheduled for 2 p.m., EST on Friday, November 2, and every Friday thereafter.  (However, there won’t be a session on Friday, November 23, since that’s the day after Thanksgiving and we won’t be in the office.)

If you have any questions about this upcoming training, please contact me by either phone or email.  In the meantime, I hope that you’ll join me on Friday for the first Top Echelon Network Basic Training session!

— — —

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Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERSThe Central Ohio Regional Core Group is meeting again!

Why are they meeting?  Because the members of the group find value in these meetings, including making split placements together . . . which is why YOU should consider joining a Regional Core Group, too.  (If you haven’t already, that is.  I’ll cut you some slack then.)

Below are the specifics for the next Central Ohio Regional Core Group meeting.

Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Location: Catering by Design

Address: 6465 Busch Blvd., Columbus, OH 43229

Phone number: (614) 436-1234

Speaker: TBD (an announcement will be made once a speaker is selected)

Cost: $18 per person, payable at the door

Regional Core GroupsMake your checks payable to “Drea Codi—“ . . . no, scratch that.  Make your checks payable to “Top Echelon Network.”  Or, if you’d like, we can just add the total to your monthly Top Echelon invoice.  We’re flexible like that.

If you’d like to join this meeting, please RSVP to me by sending an email to I also encourage you to contact me if you’d like to join an existing Regional Core Group or start a new one.

I strongly encourage you . . .

— — —

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