‘Responsive’ + ‘Supportive’ = ‘Thrilled’ Trading Partners

What qualities do Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiters want in their Trading Partners?  Well, a lot of them, actually . . . but we have at least two in this week’s installment of “Comments and Compliments“!

Those qualities, which are included below, form the framework of yet another formula for success in the Network.  That formula is as follows:

‘Responsive’ + ‘Supportive’ = ‘Thrilled’

'Comments' and ComplimentsRecruiters want Trading Partners who are responsive and supportive, among many other things.  However, when those two qualities are exhibited during a search, not only is the client thrilled with the candidates provided, but both recruiters are also thrilled because they get to split a fee from a placement they probably would not have made on their own.

And as a recruiter, is there a better reason to be thrilled?  We think not.

If you’d like to thank another recruiter for their efforts in a split placement situation, send your information to marketing@topechelon.com.  Your comments might be included in an upcoming issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog!

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<Ed Keil, CPCDavid Wick, CPC“Dave is a great supplier and always works hard to fill our position.  We’ve been close a couple of times and finally hit one.  Dave was very responsive and supportive throughout the process and willing to get his hands dirty when needed.  Thanks again, Dave.  Let’s do it again!”

Submitted by Ed Keil, CPC of Reliance Recruiting, LLC regarding his split placement with David Wick, CPC of Career Center of Cincinnati, Inc.

Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: this is the first split placement that Keil and Wick have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

— — —

Chris WellingtonPeter Ambrose“Great candidate ID by Peter.  Within days of this [job] being posted, we had [the candidate] submitted and interviewing for a job with one of our top clients!  We’re very thrilled by how this came together.”

Submitted by Chris Wellington of Bio-Partners Search Group, LLC regarding his split placement with Peter Ambrose of Reliance Recruiting, LLC

Position Title—SENIOR BUYER
Fee Percentage—20%

(Editor’s note: this is the first split placement that Wellington and Ambrose have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

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