Presenting a Classic ‘Why You Should Go to a TE Conference Placement’

'Comments' and Compliments ExtraThe 2011 Top Echelon Network Fall Conference is rapidly approaching, and if you haven’t considered attending, you should.  That’s because every time we hold one of these events, recruiters make split placements because of it.  It happens over and over and over . . . well, you get the idea.  However, you don’t have to take our word for it.  The recruiters making these split placements would be more than happy to say a few words themselves.

Take, for instance, Alan Carty of and Scott Connell of the Connell Group, LLC, who met at the 2008 National Convention in Dallas, Texas.  If Carty and Connell had not attended that event, they wouldn’t have met, and they wouldn’t have made a split placement (which could be the first of many).

However, we digress.  After all, we said we would let them tell the story in their own words . . .

— — —

Alan Carty“This was a classic ‘why you should go to a TE conference placement’.  Scott Connell and I met at a TE conference a few years ago, and he rememberd that I worked Automation-related jobs.  He had an individual contact him who was a management-level person working in Automation, and Scott sent him my way to see if I could use him.  Within a few weeks, the candidate had three offers from three of my clients, none of whom had an open job order.  They just wanted this candidate.  Thanks for remembering me, Scott.”

Position Title—Senior Engineer
Fee Percentage—25%

Submitted by Alan Carty of regarding his split placement with Scott Connell of the Connell Group, LLC

— — —

Scott Connell“Having been in TE a few years and wanting to do more splits, I’ve learned to actively search out a select group of recruiters.  I met Alan Carty at a TE conference in Dallas and knew that he was very successful in the Network.  I took a chance and sent him a good candidate.  Alan ran with the candidate/MPC and marketed him to his top clients.  We made a split, and he kept me informed throughout the process.  I have complete trust in Alan and know that if you want to make splits, he’s the one who can make it happen.”

Position Title—Senior Engineer
Fee Percentage—25%

Submitted by Scott Connell of the Connell Group, LLC regarding his split placement with Alan Carty of

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AND remember that the Fall Conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 20, and Friday, October 21, at the Embassy Suites in Chicago.  We’ll be releasing the preliminary agenda for the conference, as well as Early Bird Registration, in the near future.

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