‘Comments’ and Compliments: The Nunnelee (Nunley) Edition!

Okay, when you’ve been in business as long as we have (23 years and counting), you’ve seen a lot.  Not everything, maybe, but a lot.

'Comments' and ComplimentsLike, for instance, a split placement between two recruiters who have the same last name . . . even if those names are spelled differently.  Sound unlikely?  Well, the proof is in the pudding, and that pudding is on display in this week’s installment of “Comments and Compliments.”

If you have praise for a Trading Partner with whom you’ve made a split placement recently, and you’d like to share that praise, please email us.  You can even have a different last name than they do.  We promise.  Send your comments to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

— — —

Ken NunleyWayne Nunnelee“Thanks again, Ken!  Persistence paid off at every step of the process.  We’re all winners on this one: our client, our candidate, TEN, you, and me!”

Submitted by Wayne Nunnelee of Nunnelee & Associates, Inc. regarding his split placement with Ken Nunley of 7 Solutions USA

Position Title—Human Resources-Director
Fee Percentage—25%


— — —

Vicki Marino“Congratulations, Vicki!  We got the check today!”

Submitted by Mike Duke of Career Development Partners regarding his split placement with Vicki Marino of Recruiting Excellence

Position Title—Territory Manager
Fee Percentage—25%

— — —

Remember, if you have comments for a Trading Partner regarding a split placement, please email those comments to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

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