7 Reasons Superstar Candidates Work on Contract

There is a common misconception that contract workers are somehow inferior and lower level, not the “cream of the crop” or superstar candidates. However you want to say it, the belief is that candidates only take contract assignments because they were passed up for direct hire jobs.

That is definitely a myth. For many high-quality candidates, contract staffing is NOT a last resort. They are choosing contracting as a lifestyle to achieve more flexibility, variety, and growth.

Superstar candidates and contracting

In fact, there are a number of reasons why superstar candidates would choose to work on contract, including the following seven reasons:

#1—They need flexibility.

This is probably the most common reason workers choose contracting. Many people are juggling careers with childcare and other responsibilities. Contract assignments are often project-based, so companies may be willing to be more flexible with contractor work schedules and location (i.e., home).

#2—They don’t trust Corporate America.

One unexpected layoff can be enough to make anyone leery of traditional employment. When they contract, they know from the get-go that their assignments are temporary, so they are not blindsided.

#3—They want to be a “free agent.”

Many workers don’t want to be tied to one employer. They want to depend on their own skills and take control of their futures. This is especially true of Millennials.

#4—They want challenge and variety.

For many workers, especially the younger generation, simply getting a paycheck isn’t enough of a reason to get up in the morning. They want to make a difference, and they want to be challenged. Companies often use contractors to meet critical deadlines and complete projects, so it’s easy for workers to see the impact of their work . . . and then move on to the next challenge.

#5—They don’t want to relocate.

A worker may not want to uproot their family or they may not be able to sell their house. But they may be willing and able to work away from home for a short time or try a location and company on a contract-to-direct basis before accepting a direct hire offer.

#6—They want to retire (sort of).

Today’s older workers want to remain active and many can’t afford to retire. They want to be able to work when they need or want to work, not be tied to a traditional 9-to-5 job.

#7—They want to make more money.

Contractors are paid for every hour, including overtime.

So don’t pass over a resume or candidate just because they have a variety of jobs and experiences. Someone who has enhanced their skills and expertise through contract assignments could be your best candidate.

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