‘Wake Me Up’ . . . Because My Recruiter Profile is Living in the Past

Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiters shouldn’t be living in the past . . . and that’s especially the case with their Recruiter Profile.

In this episode of “Top Echelon TV,” Top Echelon Network President Mark Demaree—as well as Communications Coordinator Matt Deutsch and Membership Development Coordinator Drea Codispoti—illustrate how neglecting the Recruiter Profile can sabotage recruiters’ attempts to network and make split placements.  As much as we’d like it to be, this just isn’t the 1980s anymore.


If there are other issues that you believe we should address in “Top Echelon TV” (with or without the “Top Echelon TV players,” let us know about them.  Send an email to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

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