Donna Carroll + Gary Silver = 300 Network Placements!

Matt DeutschDown through the years, there have been numerous Trading Partner relationships in Top Echelon Network that have reached legendary status.  We’re talking about recruiters who have made 20 or 30 split placements together . . . in some cases, even more.

One such relationship currently exists within the Network, and the two recruiters involved are Gary Silver of The Shay Group and Donna Carroll of Systems Personnel.  Not only have Silver and Carroll made a ton of split placements together, they both reached a milestone in 2010.

Carroll made her 100th placement as a Preferred Member recruiter in Top Echelon Network, while Silver made his 200 career placement.  Both will receive a plaque at the 2011 National Convention in May to commemorate their accomplishments.

Gary SilverBut that’s not all.  Carroll’s 100th Network placement and Silver’s 200th Network placement was one in the same—in other words, it was a split placement between the two of them!  They were able to celebrate their milestone together with yet another split placement, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down soon.

In fact, both have shot past their milestone placement.  As of the publication of this blog post, Carroll’s placement total in Top Echelon Network stood at 111.  Silver, meanwhile, is already up to 213 placements, quickly climbing the charts of Top Echelon’s all-time leaders.  (It should be noted that Silver is also a Million Dollar Producer in the Network.)

Donna Carroll, CPCSilver and Carroll haven’t been shy about complimenting one another for their Trading Partner relationship in the past.  In fact, they’ve been participants in our ‘Comments’ and Compliments Extra” feature in the newsletter.  You can read their segment of that feature by clicking here.

We’ll be delving deeper into Silver and Caroll’s Trading Partner relationship and what makes it to successful in next week’s issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.  Their relationship is based upon and is fueled by The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network—Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation.

However, in the meantime, we want to congratulate the two of them for the milestones that they reached in 2010 and the awards that they won for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the Network.

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