Trey Cameron: ‘Recruiter of the Month’ . . . Again!

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We have a multiple winner in our “Recruiter of the Month” award!  Not that we haven’t had a multiple winner before.  We have, but that was back when The Pinnacle was in delivered via email in a PDF format.  The winner for the month of August: Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig GroupCameron was also the “Recruiter of the Month” back in December of 2010, and the way he’s been churning out split placements lately, he might win the award again in the near future.  As it is, he’s currently the number-one recruiter in the Network in terms of cash-in.

As always, we recognize recruiters for achievement in two categories every month and quarter.  Those categories are “Recruiter of the Month” (as we’ve already mentioned) and “Highest Split Placement Fee of the Month.”  Below are the winners of these awards for August.  We’d like to congratulate the recruiters who earned them and thank them for their efforts.  Remember, for more information about the placements and cash-in totals associated with these awards, please login to the Members’ Area and view the profiles and placement details of the recruiters involved.

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Trey CameronRecruiter of the Month
Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

Cameron ran away from the field with five split placements, finishing ahead of two recruiters who had three placements each. Those recruiters were Russell Schutt, CSP of Progressive Executive, Inc., and Bob Small of Carroll Technology Services, Inc.  Schutt edged Small for second place by the smallest of margins—$140.  How close is that?  The closest two recruiters have been since the inception of these awards a few years ago.

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Ross Causley, CTSSteve BrodyHighest Split Placement Fee of the Month
Steve Brody of Executive Resource Systems and Ross Causley, CTS of QCI Technical Staffing

This hefty fee was earned by placing an Audit Partner.  The action causing this placement was listed as “Regular phone communication with a Top Echelon Network Member in my specialty area.”

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Our criteria for these awards:

Top Echelon Network is a split placement network.  As such, we place an emphasis on split placements, and that emphasis constitutes the basis of our criteria for these awards.  We determine the monthly and quarterly award winners based upon two factors, which are listed below in order of importance:

1.) The number of split placements made
2.) The amount of cash-in dollars earned as a result of those split placements

In other words, the number of split placements that recruiters make is our first consideration.  In the event of a tie, the cash-in total earned from those split placements is the deciding factor and serves to break the tie.  Obviously, the recruiter with more cash-in dollars in the event of a tie is the recruiter who wins the award.

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