If You Don’t Go to Chicago . . . Then Go to Las Vegas!

Okay, so you might not be attending the upcoming Top Echelon Recruiting Network Fall Conference . . . but we hope that’s because you’re attending the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) Conference.  This year’s conference is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21, through Saturday, September 24 at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas.

NAPS is currently celebrating its 50th year of existence, and as usual for these recruiting conferences, the conference will feature an outstanding lineup of speakers.  That lineup includes the following:

2011 NAPS Conference
Heidi Frye
Mike Gionta
Jeff Kaye 
Ken Keis
Conni LaDouceur
Jennifer Lambert
Neil Lebovits
Scott Love
Rick McDonald
Rob Mosley
Pasquale Scopelliti
Mike Tischer
Amy Williams Healey
Scott Wintrip
Patricia Drain
Jeremy Sisemore

Hiring Hook, websites for recruiters, is proud to be a major sponsor of the 2011 NAPS Conference.  Hiring Hook works with recruiting firms to help them create a strong presence on the Internet through website design, graphics, content, special plug-ins, job advertising, and social media integration.

NAPS has been the staffing industry educator since 1961 and enjoys its reputation as the oldest industry association.  It continues to maintain the position as the search and staffing industry educator through its certification program, continuing education initiatives, eLearning, and annual conference.

We forgive you for not attending the Fall Conference, but if you’re not going to Chicago . . . then go to Las Vegas instead!

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