Top Echelon’s FCP Program Award Winners for 2015

So what is Top Echelon’s Frequent Contract Placement (FCP?) Program?

Through the FCP Program, recruiters can earn up to 3% more in contract placement income simply by making contract placements. Recruiters who utilize Top Echelon Contracting’s back-office services are automatically enrolled in the program, and there is NO cost for participating.

Click here for more information about the program, including the different categories and recruiter income levels.

FCP award winners: #8 to #1

In this issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we’re publishing the FCP Program award winners for 2015. The recruiting firms listed below are either a Top Echelon Network member, a Big Biller software user, or both.

Remember, you don’t have to be a Network member or a Big Biller user to take advantage of the back-office services of Top Echelon Contracting. All that’s required is a desire to make contract staffing a part of your firm’s business model.

Once again, we’re going to count down the list, starting with #8. Below are Top Echelon’s FCP Program award winners for 2015:

#8—Innovative People Solutions, Inc.

#7—Legato Search, Inc.

#6—Prof’l Recruiting Consultants

#5—CNC Jobs, Inc.

#4—Stephens International Recruiting, Inc.

#3—Atlantic Pacific Group, Inc.


#1—Galileo Search, LLC

Not only did the recruiting firms listed above generate steady revenue throughout all of 2015 by making contract placements, but they also earned bonus money in the form of a FCP Program check at the end of the year. That makes contract staffing a win-win, especially if you use Top Echelon Contracting’s back-office services.

Top Echelon Contracting handles the legal, financial, and administrative details of contract placements so that recruiters can focus on what they do best—recruiting! TEC specializes in technical, professional, and healthcare placements.

Direct-hire placements are all fine and good, but contract staffing offers many advantages to recruiters. These advantages include additional revenue generation, business growth, and ultimately a profitable exit from the profession upon retirement.

Get started today!

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