TE’s 2015 Frequent Placer Program Award Winners

A couple of days ago, we announced Top Echelon’s Frequent Contract Placement (FCP) award winners for 2015. Then Top Echelon President Mark Demaree explained TE’s Frequent Placer Program (FPP) in detail.

Next, we’re going to . . . announce the FPP award winners for 2015!

You already guessed that, huh? We’re that predictable and transparent? Well, there’s something to be said for consistency.

Frequent Placer Program award winners: #20 to #1

As you know by reading Mark’s blog post, FPP points are awarded not just for making placements, but for other activities, as well. As a result, the list of the top 20 recruiters in the Network in terms of cash-in is different than the list of the top 20 recruiters in the Network in terms of FPP points.

Sure, there are some similarities, and you’ll see some of the same recruiters names on both lists. However, the order of those names are subject to change.

Once again, we’re going to count down the list, starting with #20. Below are Top Echelon’s Frequent Placer Program award winners for 2015:

#20—Debbie Reiger of Reiger Technical Search

#19—Nick Stoia of ASAP Search & Recruiters

#18—Chris Ramsay, CPC of Corporate Resources, LLC

#17—Donna Carroll, CPC of Systems Personnel

#16—David Wood, CPC of The David Wood Company

#15—Robert Alexander of Systems Technology International, Inc.

#14—Pamela Ratz DeVille, CPC of the MMS Group

#13—Kerry Boehner of KOB Solutions, Inc.

#12—Lois Rupkey of Byrnes & Rupkey, Inc.

#11—Mary Anne Buckley, CPC of Interstate Recruiters Corp. 

#10—Ron Sunshine of Ron Sunshine Associates, LLC

#9—Steve Copeland of fulltimeGiGS

#8—John Peterson of Sun Recruiting, Inc.

#7—David M. Sgro, CPC of True North Consultants

#6—Bill Kubena of Kubena & Associates

#5—Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC

#4—Pam Copeland of fulltimeGiGS

#3—Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.

#2—Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search

#1—Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

Don’t forget: we reward recruiters for participating in the Frequent Placer Program with cold, hard cash!

Okay, that’s not exactly true. We issue a rewards check, and then the recruiter who receives it has to deposit it or cash it at their bank. But you get the idea. Quit asking me to explain myself.

If you’re a member of Top Echelon Network (and if you’re reading this blog post, there’s a good chance that you are) and you’re not participating in the FPP, then you’re leaving “money on the table”!

What’s that? No, not literally. It’s just a figure of speech. Like I said, we issue you a check . . .

Quit asking me to explain myself!

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