THIS is the Time to Share All of Your Jobs with TE

There is a lot of uncertainty—in the economy, in the job market, and probably even on your recruiting desk and within your agency.

Despite this uncertainty (or perhaps because of it), your clients need you more than ever. As a result, you need to provide them with all of the support and all of the candidates that you can.

There is no better way to do that than to share ALL of your open jobs to the Network and get high-quality candidates in front of your clients as soon as possible.

You’ve certainly heard the expression, “Time kills all deals.” That has never been more true than it is right now. The lead time for hiring needs to be closed more tightly, and your Top Echelon split network membership can help you do just that.

Here are action steps that you can take immediately:

  1. Search the Network Candidates sourcing tool for viable candidates.
    Make requests for candidates through the tool.
  2. Call your trading partners and communicate with them, on a daily basis if you have to.
  3. Share every job you have with the Network in as many different ways as you can.

By doing this, you increase your marketing and efforts to find candidates. That, in turn, increases the likelihood of closing deals and making placements more promptly.

But wait, there’s more! Below are four BIG reasons to share ALL of your jobs with the Network:

#1—Many of the top producers in the Network make it a habit to post all of their job orders.

If they’re doing it and making a lot of money, then you can, too. That much evidence is compelling.

#2—You increase the chances that another recruiter is going to see your job order and help you fill it.

You’re 100% guaranteed to NOT receive Network help filling a position if you don’t share your jobs. This includes using the Network Candidates sourcing tool.

#3—The more you share, the more you network, the more you bill.

Everything affects everything else. The simple act of sharing a job order with other Top Echelon recruiters could set off a chain reaction of events. That chain reaction could eventually result in a single placement or multiple placements. But it starts with YOU.

#4—You can still run your business exactly the way you’ve always run it.

In fact, what will probably happen is that you’ll invest just a little more time in split placements. And your return on that investment will increase substantially.

If you’re not satisfied, you can always go back to what you were doing before.

What do you have to lose?

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One response to “THIS is the Time to Share All of Your Jobs with TE”

  1. Steve Kohn says:

    Well said! Recruiters should put ALL of their jobs into the network, even the ones they think will be easy to fill.


    Answer: the best recruiter I know fills 1/4 of her contingency searches. So, your 25% fees are actually 6.25% fees because you don’t know which search you’re going to fill.

    Since you’re going to lose 75% of the time by failing to provide the winning candidate, wouldn’t it be awesome if you lost to yourself by making a split placement?

    Every single split placement is revenue you earn when you FAIL to find the winning candidate.

    So, put all of your jobs out for splits and make more money!