The Official Hashtag of the 2013 National Convention is . . .

Matt DeutschSure, the 2013 Top Echelon Network National Convention isn’t for another couple of months.  However, this is our 25th anniversary celebration!

With that in mind, we have to get a head start on the festivities.  We must generate “buzz,” so to speak, so that this will be one of our best networking events ever.  (No pressure, Deutsch . . . no pressure.)

Considering that Top Echelon Network is on Twitter (@tenetwork), we’ve had an official hashtag for our past few conferences and conventions.  This will once again be the case for the 2013 National Convention.

A hashtag is a tool within Twitter used to aggregate the conversation surrounding a topic, or in this case, an event.  You create a hashtag by combining the pound sign (#) with a word, acronym, or phrase.

As an example, below is the official hashtag of the 2013 National Convention:


Include this hashtag with every one of your tweets regarding the National Convention.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to physically be at the convention to do it.  You can use the hashtag even while tweeting from anyplace at anytime about any aspect of the event.

When I tweet this blog post, I’ll insert #TENAT13 at the end of my tweet.  Later, if you conduct a search in Twitter using #TENAT13, Twitter will find and present all of the tweets that include that hashtag.

Oh, and one last thing: sign up for the National Convention now, before Early Bird Registration ends!

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