Split Network Success Story: Chuck Cole

There are many recruiters in Top Echelon who are enjoying split success using the Network’s tools and services. In this feature, we highlight those recruiters, their accomplishments, and their outlook. If you’d like to nominate somebody who’s experienced Network success, send an email to marketing@topechelon.com.

Top Echelon Network recruiter:

Chuck Cole of Cole Professional Search

Chuck Cole of Cole Professional Search

Chuck Cole


Chuck, who specializes in Information Technology, joined Top Echelon Network in January in 2015. In a little over a year, he has made four split placements in the Network. All four of the fees associated with those placements were over $20,000.

What do you believe have been the keys to your success in Top Echelon Network?

“It has expanded my reach to candidates that I would not normally access. I contacted a local client with openings in Healthcare administration, and that is not my specialty. I felt that recruiters in Top Echelon Network would be able to help me access candidates in niches that I don’t normally work. TE partners have helped me reach candidates that I would not normally have reached before joining Top Echelon.”

What value do you believe the Network provides for your firm?

“It opens up new opportunities in business.”

Who are the trading partners with whom you’ve been working?

“Sean Napoles, Trey Cameron, and Catherine Reynolds. I’ve also worked with Steve Kohn, Mario Fidanzi, Jim Strickland, Melinda O’Neil, and Terry Rhodes. I am working on [placement] possibilities with Ernie Young and Rich Grunenwald, as well as trying to keep a candidate resurrected for Phillip Bartfield.”

Why do the relationships you have with your trading partners work so well?

“I’m not absolutely certain. I assume it is because TE members see the value in split placement activity. As a one-man show, I am not able to do everything. It’s quite helpful to work with other recruiters who can fill in the gaps that I’m leaving open.”

What advice would you give to a new Top Echelon Network recruiter just starting out?

“Pick up the phone and call an affiliate when you believe there may be synergy with that recruiter.”

What are your goals for future production in the Network?

“My hope is to reach 100K in split Top Echelon billings.”

What’s the biggest obstacle on your desk right now, either with candidates or with clients?

“Getting clients to move and be decisive.”

What’s one new recruiting strategy or technique that you’ve implemented in the past year that you wouldn’t mind sharing with other recruiters?

“I continue reading business-oriented and business development books. I find that my success begins with a positive outlook.”

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