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We recently conducted a poll of Top Echelon Network recruiters by posting a question in the Members’ Area.

That question was as follows:

Do you use the Network in your recruiter marketing message to clients and/or candidates?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters that selected each one:

  • Yes, with clients only — 4.3%
  • Yes, with candidates only — 7.3%
  • Yes, with both clients and candidates — 63.8%
  • No, I do not. — 24.6%


The majority of recruiters participating in the poll use the Network when marketing to both clients and candidates (63.8%).  Not only that, but a smaller number use it to market to candidates only (7.3%) and to clients only (4.3%).

Those percentages together add up to more than three-fourths of the Members in the poll (75.4%).

On the flip side of the coin, nearly one-fourth of the recruiters participating in the poll (24.6%) indicated that they don’t use the Network in their marketing message to either clients or candidates.


For many recruiters, having access to the resources of over 1,000 other recruiters across the country is a selling point when marketing their services to clients and candidates.  That’s why we at Top Echelon encourage our Preferred Members to do just that:

  • Talk about the Network during marketing calls.
  • Include the benefits of your Network Membership on your firm’s website.
  • Mention the Network in your email and newsletter correspondence.

For more ideas about how YOU can use your Top Echelon Network Membership to brand your firm and to sell its services more effectively, contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CERS at 330.455.1433, x156.

Matt DeutschWith almost 1,000 recruiters, Top Echelon Network represents a veritable plethora of recruiting knowledge, experience, and know-how.  (When was the last time somebody worked “veritable plethora” into a blog post?  On purpose?)

One of the things that we strive to do here at Top Echelon Network is help Preferred Member recruiters share information with one another.  One of the ways in which we accomplish, of course, is through the Split Candidate Database and the Split Job Order Database, whereby recruiters are able to share their jobs and candidates.

But what about the other information?  In other words, how recruiters deal with the everyday issues they face on their desks.  And when we’re talking about the issues that they face every day, we’re talking about not just recruiting-related issues, but business-related issues, as well.

There are a few avenues through which we attempt to help recruiters share valuable recruiting-related and business-related information with one another.  One, of course, is in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.  An example of this was in last week’s issue of the newsletter, when we published an article regarding how Preferred Member recruiter Jim Strickland of BioSource International has used “Google Places” to help enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of his recruiting firm’s website.  To read that article, click on the link below:

Using ‘Google Places’ to Boost Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking

We’ll be publishing articles such as these in the newsletter, sort of a “knowledge exchange” between recruiters.  We know how busy you are running your desks and your firms.  You don’t have all the time in the world to unearth this information, so we’re going to try to do it for you, as much as we can.

We’re also going to gather information in another way—through our poll questions and email surveys that we send out on a consistent basis.  The poll questions run in the Members’ Area every week; I’m sure you’ve probably seen them.  And we’ve been sending out our email surveys since the beginning of the year.  We’ll be continuing to send them out throughout the remainder of 2011.

You might be wondering where we got the ideas for our email surveys. The answer is we got them from you—through the use of an email survey. Ironic, huh?  These are the topics that you wanted to know about the most.  As a result, our goal is to find out about them, including by asking other recruiters.  Once we’ve compiled the results of these surveys, we’re going to package these results and make them available for everybody to see.

At the moment, we publish the results of the surveys as blog posts—as well as the Members’ Area polls— in the Recruiter Training Blog.  While that’s all fine and good, what we publish isn’t comprehensive.  These posts cover more of the highlights of the survey results, as opposed to the details.

What we would like are more ideas about what topics you’d like to see covered in our email surveys.  Is there a question (or questions) about a specific topic that you’d like for us to explore?  If so, let us know.  Just send an email to

In the meantime, be on the lookout for the release of the complete results of our surveys, although we’ll certainly be announcing it in The Pinnacle, as well.  As always, thanks for being a Preferred Member of the Network.

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