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We have the top Network members for the month of August! (And none of them are pictured above. Those people are NOT recruiters. They’re stock photo models. Although they stand well together.)

Anyway, back to business. The top Network members during any given month are determined by production. Another word for production is split placements. And the recruiters below made a lot of splits last month.

Top Network members, step forward

What’s striking about these members is that they’ve all been the Recruiter of the Week in the Network at one time or another. Three of them (Robert Alexander, Georgette Sandifer, and Terry Rhodes) were Recruiter of the Week earlier this year.

At the top of the heap is, once again, Trey Cameron. Trey is gunning for another Recruiter of the Year Award. He’ll get it. Nobody will stop him. No point in pretending otherwise.

But as Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search proved last month, somebody could dethrone Trey as Recruiter of the Month. That might happen. It might be Steve who does it. It might be somebody else.

But in the meantime, congratulations to everybody on the list below. And congratulations to everybody who made placements in our recruiting network during the month of August!

— — —

Recruiters of the Month:

1st Place: Trey Cameron
Agency: Cameron Craig Group
Placements: seventeen (17)
Commission: $127,339

— — —

2nd Place: Robert Alexander
Agency: Systems Technology International, Inc.
Placements: five (5)
Commission: $43,049

— — —

3rd Place: Georgette Sandifer
Agency: Gallman Consulting
Placements: Five (5)
Commission: $31,421

— — —

4th Place: Terry Rhodes
Agency: NewCareers
Placements: Four (4)
Commission: $40,890

— — —

5th Place: Jeff Katz
Agency: JSK Recruiting
Placements: Four (4)
Commission: $38,953

— — —

Top Echelon determines the monthly and quarterly winners of its split recruiting awards based upon two criteria, which are listed below in order of importance:

1.) The number of split placements made
2.) The amount of “cash-in” dollars earned as a result of those split placements

This explains why, when multiple recruiters are tied with the same number of TE placements during a given month or quarter, the recruiter with the largest “cash-in” total is ultimately deemed the winner.

— — —

If you’re looking to make more placements with your Top Echelon recruiter network membership, then contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

Shree Kumar and Darcy Morgan have done it again! They’ve accounted for the biggest TE placement in a single month, that is.

The single month is August. The dollar amount of the placement they split was $68,200.

Biggest TE placement redux

This marks the second time that Shree and Darcy have won this award. They won it previously by splitting $68,224. (Apparently, right around $68,200 is their sweet spot. That’s exceptionally sweet.)

Shree and Darcy have made more than two split placements in Top Echelon Network, though. They’ve made a total of five. Those five splits commanded the following fees:

  • $68,224
  • $23,000
  • $43,600
  • $68,200
  • $11,700

That’s a total of $214,724 with just one split recruiting partner. That means when Shree and Darcy make a split, the average fee from that split is $42,944. That’s the kind of business relationship that you could get used to. And it appears as though Shree and Darcy already have.

So congratulations to this dynamic duo on making the biggest TE placement in August and for their continued profitable relationship!

— — —

Largest Split Fee for August

Darcy Morgan of GoRecruitMe

Darcy Morgan

Shree Kumar of Max Populi, LLC

Shree Kumar

Shree Kumar of Max Populi, LLC and Darcy Morgan of GoRecruitMe

The position for this split placement was a Neurosurgery Senior Advisor. Shree was the job order recruiter and Darcy was the candidate recruiter.

The action that stimulated this split placement was listed as “Offline communication with another member.”

The fee for this split placement was $68,200.

— — —

Top Echelon determines the monthly and quarterly winners of its Network split fee recruiting awards in four distinct categories:

1.) Recruiter of the Month
2.) Largest Split Fee of the Month
3.) Recruiter of the Quarter
4.) Largest Split Fee of the Quarter

We only announce the winners of these awards in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog. We do so usually (but not always) in the issue following the conclusion of each month and/or quarter.

Our mission statement at Top Echelon is to help recruiters make more placements and it was that calling that convinced us in the late 90s to start providing website design services to the recruiting industry.

However, the “website game” has changed over the years as technology has advanced. At the same time, we have continued to grow our core services, which includes our split network, the Big Biller recruiting software, and our employer of record contract placement services. In fact, considering the tremendous growth we’ve experienced and the future opportunities that exist in those areas, we’ve decided to focus all of our efforts and resources on them. As a result, Top Echelon is no longer offering new website design services. Again, we’re going to focus those resources on our three core products and make those the best in the industry.

Haley Marketing: an easy decision

So, you may be thinking, where should we go if we want a new website built? Knowing that we were were going to stop creating websites, I reached out to David Searns, CEO of Haley Marketing Group. I have known David for years and have met with him and have heard him speak on many occasions at conferences across the country. As a result of those interactions and the excellent reputation his company has earned, we have selected Haley Marketing to be the web development partner for Top Echelon customers, including Network members. It was an easy decision for many reasons:

  1. Haley Marketing’s knowledge of the recruiting industry
  2. The company’s track record of building excellent websites for staffing and recruiting agencies
  3. The company’s client-first mindset, which we also emphasize at Top Echelon

The good news is that Haley Marketing provides a more comprehensive line of marketing services with a philosophy of “making great marketing more affordable.” They can meet any need that a recruiting agency has in this area. Below are some of the services that Haley provides:

  • Full-build websites
  • Blogging and social media
  • Email and content marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Identity and design

Yes, it’s true that when we were offering full-build websites services, Haley Marketing was technically a competitor of ours. However, they were a friendly competitor and we feel grateful to be able to refer customers interested in web design and marketing services to the Haley Marketing Group. We feel that Haley is an organization that, like Top Echelon, prides itself on providing quality in every way possible.

If you have full-build website or other marketing needs, I encourage you to visit the Haley Marketing Group website and reach out to them at or call 1.888.696.2900.

We’re not highlighting very many Network agencies for celebrating anniversaries this month. But what we lack in quantity, we have in quality!

That’s because Professional Recruiting Consultants is celebrating its 26th anniversary as a member of Top Echelon’s split network.

1 TE agency = 149 splits

Professional Recruiting Consultants joined Nationwide Interchange Service on September 18, 1992. What is Nationwide Interchange Service, you ask? That was Top Echelon Network before it was named Top Echelon Network.

Since that fateful day in 1992, the recruiters at Professional Recruiting Consultants have made a total of 147 split placements in TE. That total has brought the agency a cash-in total of over $1.2 million.

Professional Recruiting Consultants is a model TE agency. Its recruiters are split-minded, they believe in the “spirit of the Network,” and they adhere to the Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. Those Pillars are Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation.

As a result, it’s our pleasure to congratulate Professional Recruiting Consultants on its 26 years as a Network agency, its 149 placements, and its $1.2 million cash-in!

(Editor’s note: Top Echelon recognizes firms celebrating five, 10, 15, and 20-year Network anniversaries, plus any firm celebrating an anniversary in excess of 20 years.)

— — —

26-Year Anniversary

Professional Recruiting Consultants in Wilmington, Delaware
Staff Members: Roger Malatesta, Patti Malatesta, Judy Kaplan, Carol Calvano, Lisa Malatesta, and Christina Calvano
Agency Join Date: September 18, 1992
Placements: 149
Career cash-in: $1,287,969

— — —

10-Year Anniversary

Spectra Staffing Services/Spectra International
Staff Members: Sybil Goldberg, CPA; Kevin Rogers; Sam Chhabra; Monnaie Davidian; and Michael Rogers
Agency Join Date: September 9, 2008
Placements: 14
Career cash-in: $97,573

— — —

5-Year Anniversary

Systematic Business Consulting
Staff Members: Bill Laughlin, Jennifer McLean, Jeremy Baker, Andrew Van Riper, Blanca Perales, Nikki Orie, Christie
Agency Join Date: September 26, 2007
Placements: 9
Career cash-in: $87,526

The photo at the top of the blog post is blurry. On purpose. Can you believe that? (Stock photos. Sheesh.)

But forget about that for now. Your focus should be HERE. That’s because we have more new Network members for you to see. Specifically, we have those recruiting agencies that joined our split network during the month of August.

Introducing our new Network members!

Anyway, as you can see, our new Network agencies for August are listed below. They work in a variety of industries and niches. Specifically, they specialize in the following areas, among others:

  • Construction
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. (In fact, I’ll say it as many times as it needs to be said.) As current members, you need to help welcome these new Top Echelon Network members. Think back to what it was like when YOU joined. Wouldn’t it have been nice if somebody had welcomed you? Perhaps somebody did welcome you. Wasn’t that nice of them?

Well, now it’s your turn. Look through these new Network members and see which ones work in your industry or niche. Send them an email. Call them on the telephone. Drive to their house. (Maybe not that last one.)

The point is this: we want you to connect with more Network recruiters, and that includes new members. Because more connecting means more split placements. And that just makes everybody happier.

If you have any questions about reaching out to new members or about your Network membership in general, please contact me. My contact information is at the end of this blog post.

— — —

Date joined: August 3
Location: Burtonsville, Maryland
Industries: General
Agency members: Wesley Cruise

— — —

Date joined:
August 7
Location: Washington, D.C.
Industries: Sales & Operations in Freight Forwarding
Agency members: Darius Panah

— — —

Date joined: August 10
Location: Weaverville, North Carolina
Industries: Healthcare
Agency members: Austin Morioka

— — —

Date joined: August 13
Location: Simpsonville, South Carolina
Industries: Engineers – Automotive or Chemical industries
Agency members: Heather Larkin

— — —

Date joined: August 14
Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Industries: General
Agency members: Clay Zapletal and Adam Dolezal

— — —

Date joined: August 14
Location: Garland, Texas
Industries: General
Agency members: Karen Mitchell

— — —

Date joined: August 16
Location: San Diego, California
Industries: Construction
Agency members: Jodie Taylor

— — —

Date joined: August 21
Location: Cleveland/Akron, Ohio
Industries: Engineering and Manufacturing
Agency members: Sherry Umpleby

— — —

Date joined: August 23
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Industries: Engineering, Architecture, and Construction
Agency members: Deanna Nicholas

— — —

Date joined: August 27
Location: Leawood, Kansas
Industries: Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Energy, and Information Technology
Agency members: Tim Shearer, David Case, and Katie Julian

— — —

Date joined: August 29
Location: Louisville, Colorado
Industries: HR and senior-level management search
Agency members: Jean Imbler-Jansen

— — —

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newer Network recruiter or an established member. If you want help making split placements with other Top Echelon members, then I encourage you to contact me.

You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to