Haley Marketing: Our New Web Development Partner

Our mission statement at Top Echelon is to help recruiters make more placements and it was that calling that convinced us in the late 90s to start providing website design services to the recruiting industry.

However, the “website game” has changed over the years as technology has advanced. At the same time, we have continued to grow our core services, which includes our split network, the Big Biller recruiting software, and our employer of record contract placement services. In fact, considering the tremendous growth we’ve experienced and the future opportunities that exist in those areas, we’ve decided to focus all of our efforts and resources on them. As a result, Top Echelon is no longer offering new website design services. Again, we’re going to focus those resources on our three core products and make those the best in the industry.

Haley Marketing: an easy decision

So, you may be thinking, where should we go if we want a new website built? Knowing that we were were going to stop creating websites, I reached out to David Searns, CEO of Haley Marketing Group. I have known David for years and have met with him and have heard him speak on many occasions at conferences across the country. As a result of those interactions and the excellent reputation his company has earned, we have selected Haley Marketing to be the web development partner for Top Echelon customers, including Network members. It was an easy decision for many reasons:

  1. Haley Marketing’s knowledge of the recruiting industry
  2. The company’s track record of building excellent websites for staffing and recruiting agencies
  3. The company’s client-first mindset, which we also emphasize at Top Echelon

The good news is that Haley Marketing provides a more comprehensive line of marketing services with a philosophy of “making great marketing more affordable.” They can meet any need that a recruiting agency has in this area. Below are some of the services that Haley provides:

  • Full-build websites
  • Blogging and social media
  • Email and content marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Identity and design

Yes, it’s true that when we were offering full-build websites services, Haley Marketing was technically a competitor of ours. However, they were a friendly competitor and we feel grateful to be able to refer customers interested in web design and marketing services to the Haley Marketing Group. We feel that Haley is an organization that, like Top Echelon, prides itself on providing quality in every way possible.

If you have full-build website or other marketing needs, I encourage you to visit the Haley Marketing Group website and reach out to them at info@haleymarketing.com or call 1.888.696.2900.

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