Falling Leaves and Rising Fees in October!

Pamela Ratz Deville, CPC of the MMS Group makes huge fees in Top Echelon’s recruiting network. In fact, she was part of the largest placement fee in the Network for the month of October.

As you can see below, Pamela shared that honor with Catherine Sousa of Morton Roper Careers. The split placement in question involved a VP of Operations. The fee: $34,200.

So October was about a lot more than just trick-or-treat and candy. And scary movies. And falling leaves. For some recruiters, it was all about rising fees. (Specifically, the collecting of said fees. After all, that’s the really important part.)

Rising fees, if you please

While the size of that fee won an award for Pamela, it’s by no means the biggest fee that she’s shared in TE. In fact, below are some of the other fees she’s scored while in the Network:

  • $46,000
  • $40,500
  • $45,000
  • $41,800

However, membership in Top Echelon’s recruiter network is about more than rising fees. Although they certainly don’t hurt. No, membership in TE is about relationships. It’s about building them, maintaining them, and enjoying them.

The only thing better than making split placements is making them with people you like. And the only thing better than that is making them with people who you consider to be true friends.

That is why I’m now going to shamelessly plug our recruiter networking events. Specifically, I’m going to plug our upcoming 2018 National Convention in Nashville. It’s our 30th anniversary convention, so you can’t miss it!

In the meantime, if you need help with your split recruiting efforts in TE, then contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to drea@topechelon.com.

— — —

Largest Split Placement Fee for October:

Pamela Ratz DeVille, CPC of the MMS Group

Pamela Ratz DeVille, CPC

Catherine Sousa of Morton Roper Careers

Catherine Sousa

Pamela Ratz Deville, CPC of the MMS Group and Catherine Sousa of Morton Roper Careers

The position for this split placement was a VP of Operations. Pamela was the job order recruiter and Catherine was the candidate recruiter.

The action that stimulated this split placement was listed as “Offline Communication with a Member.”

The fee for this split placement was $34,200. The fee percentage was flat.

— — —

Top Echelon determines the monthly and quarterly winners of its Network split fee recruiting awards in four distinct categories, which are listed below:

1.) Recruiter of the Month
2.) Largest Split Fee of the Month
3.) Recruiter of the Quarter
4.) Largest Split Fee of the Quarter

We only announce the winners of these awards in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog. We do so usually (but not always) in the issue following the conclusion of each month and/or quarter.

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