MORE Recruitment Software Best Practices!

As we’ve been chronicling over the past few months, Big Biller is a powerful recruitment software. And we have yet MORE best practices!

Those best practices take the form of our “Did You Know?” tips associated with the Big Biller recruiting software. These tips have run in the news section of Big Biller, and now they’re here in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

As usual, a link to a Help Center article and/or video that explains the feature in more detail accompanies each tip. Also as usual, the Help Center is available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide assistance.

The next three tips for users of the Big Biller online applicant tracking system are listed below. Don’t forget to backtrack and see our previous entries in this series. Discover the power and flexibility of Big Biller!

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Did You Know . . . You Can Change Default Max Hits?

Did you know . . . that you can change your default max hits to return on searches within the Big Biller recruitment software? Instead of changing your max hits in your search criteria each time, change the default number to return on searches within your settings.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about changing your default max hits in Big Biller!

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Did You Know . . . About Big Biller’s Keyword Searching?

Did you know . . . that Big Biller’s search function allows you to quickly get your hands on a specific group of records?

With the Boolean Builder, you can build a more accurate keyword search string for better results in less time. The good news is that the search interface is consistent across the People, Company, and Job Order databases. So if you know how to search People records, then you can easily do the same for your Company and Job Order searches, as well.

Click HERE for a Help Center article and video about keyword searching within Big Biller!

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Did You Know . . . Emailing Resumes Eliminates Data Entry?

Did you know . . . that sending a resume right from Big Biller eliminates a step in data entry? This is because the email is automatically logged to the corresponding record.

Click HERE for a Help Center article about emailing a candidate’s resume through Big Biller!

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Check future issues of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog for another installment of “Did You Know?”

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