Recruiter of the Week: Welcome Back, Philip Bartfield!

Throughout Top Echelon Network’s history, there have been many recruiters who have quit the Network and/or the recruiting profession, only to come back to one or both later and continue enjoying the same level of success they did before they left.

One such individual is the Recruiter of the Week in the Network!

That recruiter is Philip Bartfield of Analytic Search. Philip rejoined the Network in October of 2014, and after a short reacclimation period, he made five placements in Top Echelon in 2015. (Prior to that, his most recent placement had occurred in 2010).

Recruiter of the Week: 13 years in the making

The placement listed below, the one with Sean Napoles of Career Brokers, is the 48th placement that Bartfield has made as a member of the Network. When Bartfield first joined Top Echelon Network, he made his first placement on July 10, 2003.

Who was the other recruiter in that split placement situation? Sean Napoles.

Not only did Philip make his first-ever placement in Top Echelon Network with Sean, but he also made his final placement of 2015 with him. And Philip already has a split on the books for 2016.

So, from everybody at Top Echelon, congratulations to Philip on his latest placement with Sean and for being named Recruiter of the Week. And of course, welcome back to the Network! We’re glad you’re back, and we’re looking forward to helping you make more placements.

(Oh, and your mad dash after the bus outside of the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville in 2008 is still one of the most memorable moments in Top Echelon National Convention history. Here’s to more memories!)

— — —

Philip Bartfield of Analytic Search

Philip Bartfield

Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.

Sean Napoles, CPC

“Great to have success with Sean again!”

Submitted by Philip Bartfield of Analytic Search regarding his Network split placement with Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.


Fee Percentage—20%

(Editor’s note: This is the second Network split placement that Bartfield and Napoles have made together in Top Echelon.)

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