Follow Our Recruiting Rockstars with #TERockstar!

We have a lot of recruiting rockstars in Top Echelon Network.

You know what I’m talking about because you see them in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog on a consistent basis. These are the “movers and shakers,” those Network recruiters who have embraced the Network and its philosophy whole-heartedly and are reaping the benefits of their commitment.

(And when I say “reaping the benefits of their commitment,” I mean they’re making a bunch of money while also making friends and forming great relationships.)

Also as you probably already know, we at Top Echelon love to recognize and publicize our recruiting rockstars. We do so in this newsletter in our various features (Recruiter of the Week, “‘Comments’ and Compliments”), and we also strive to do it with our social media accounts, especially Facebook.

But guess what? We’ve found another way to do it!

That way also involves social media, specifically Twitter, and the hashtag #TERockstar.

In the coming weeks and months, Top Echelon Social Media and Communications Assistant Casey Stevens will be tweeting about the many, many rockstars that are members of Top Echelon Network. When she does, she’ll use the hashtag #TERockstar.

To take things a step further, if you believe that another recruiter in Top Echelon Network is worthy of “rockstar” status, we encourage you to tweet on their behalf, as well. All you have to do is include the hashtag “TERockstar” after your tweet.

Casey will see the tweet, and she’ll re-tweet it for you from the Top Echelon account! Of course, it would be better if you were following Top Echelon on Twitter:

Click here to follow Top Echelon on Twitter!

We’re looking for recruiters who exemplify the spirit of the network, who are split-placement-minded and believe in the benefits of networking with one another, and who are enthusiastic about their membership and the value that it offers them.

If that describes you, you just might be a #TERockstar!

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