It’s Fall Conference and National Convention Hashtag Mania!

Matt Deutsch
Well, maybe “mania” is a bit strong of a word to use.  Maybe.

But as Mark Demaree announced earlier, the site and the dates for the 2013 National Convention have been set.  Not only that, Drea Codispoti announced the site and dates for the 2012 Fall Conference earlier this month.

Sure, there are plenty of details to release, loose ends to tie up, etc., etc.  However, I’d like to focus on an important aspect of these two upcoming events:

The official hashtags for each.

As you may remember (or perhaps you don’t), the official hashtag for the 2012 National Convention was #TENAT12.

Many recruiters used that hashtag while tweeting at the National Convention in Nashville.  Consequently, we now have hashtags for the 2012 Fall Conference and 2013 National Convention.  Because fair is fair.

As you might imagine, the hashtag for this year’s Fall Conference is as follows:


That would mean the hashtag for the next year’s National Convention is this:


As I’ve mentioned previously, all you have to do is include this hashtag with every one of your tweets regarding the Fall Conference and/or National Convention.  Here’s an example:

So far, this is the best Top Echelon Network event I have attended . . . this year . . . in Chicago. #TEFALL12

You don’t have to physically be at either of these events to tweet about them, either.  You can use the hashtag even if you’re just tweeting your thoughts from the comfort of your own home . . . in your pajamas . . . while you watch an episode of Glee.

The power is in your hands.


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