Here’s Why ‘the Hiring Manager is Thrilled’

Every recruiter who takes a job order from a company wants that company’s hiring manager to be thrilled when they eventually fill the order with the recruiter’s candidate.  Not just satisfied, but thrilled.  That’s because thrilling a hiring manager with a great candidate means future business in the form of more job orders.

These days, though, highly qualified candidates can be difficult to come by.  As a result, positions can stay open . . . and open . . . and open.  That’s not a very thrilling situation—for anybody.

'Comments' and ComplimentsBUT when you’re a Preferred Member recruiter, you have access to not only your own candidates, but also to other Members’ candidates in Top Echelon recruiter network.  That can make all the difference in the world, namely the difference between an open position and an unimpressed hiring manager and a filled position and a thrilled hiring manager.

A filled position, a placement fee, a thrilled hiring manager, and the increased possibility of repeat business: that’s a pretty healthy return on the investment of Preferred Membership in Top Echelon Network.  That’s also the theme running through this week’s installment of “Comments and Compliments,” as you can see below.

If you’d like to thank one of our top recruiters for their efforts in a split placement situation, send your information to  Your comments might be included in an upcoming issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog!

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Steve KaneStephanie McGinty“The candidate was an ideal fit.  Stephanie provided a solid initial overview of the candidate, which helped in qualifying his core competencies and skill sets.  The hiring manager is thrilled.  The position has been open for two months without prior success.”

Submitted by Steve Kane, CPC of Bio-Partners Search Group, LLC regarding his split placement with Stephanie McGinty of Ives & Associates, Inc.

Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: this is the fifth split placement that Kane and McGinty have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

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Suzanne Griffith, CPC“Jim has diligently sourced local Kentucky candidates for this client, and we’re hoping for more split placements as a result of his efforts.”

Submitted by Suzanne Griffith, CPC of J S Griffith & Associates regarding her split placement with James Compton of Compton & Associates.

Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: this is the first split placement that Griffith and Compton have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

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