‘Comments’ and Compliments Extra for Trading Partner Relationships

Our “‘Comments’ and Compliments” feature has proven to be quite popular with Preferred Members of the Network.  Trading Partners enjoy complimenting one another and thanking them for the success that they experience making split placements together.  Every once in a while, a recruiter makes a special request to highlight their Trading Partner in an even more elaborate fashion.

That’s the case with Gary Silver of The Shay Group, who wanted to laud Donna Carroll of Systems Personnel for her help with a recent split placement.  Silver’s comments are below, followed by Carroll’s.  Since the start of 2010, Silver and Carroll have made a total of 10 contract split placements!  Congratulations!

— — —

Gary Silver“I want to thank Top Echelon for affording me the opportunity to work with one of the best recruiters I have ever known.  Donna Carroll is intensely hard working.  She is a very intelligent business professional and demonstrates that in the way she’s built her niche within Healthcare IT, and more specifically, the Meditech community.  She’s an individual with impeccable integrity, and there’s no question that I learn from Donna everyday that we work together.”

— — —

Donna Carroll, CPC“Gary Silver and I have been Top Echelon Trading Partners for 15 years now, and we’ve enjoyed much success over that time.  I think our success stems, in large part, from the fact that we both constantly learn from one another.  Gary will challenge me to try new things which may be outside of my comfort zone, but I’m willing to do so because I trust that Gary has both of our best interests in mind.  We work as a team as if we’re part of the same company, and I know that Gary cares about my clients as much as I do.  He also provides a great sanity check for me when I may get too close to a situation to see it clearly.  I definitely appreciate the working relationship that Gary and I have established over the years.”

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