Ask a Top Echelon Network Top Producer: Glenda Smith, Part 2

Glenda Smith

The best way to find out how to enjoy success in Top Echelon Network . . . is to ask the Top Producers how they’ve enjoyed success.  Last week, we presented Part 1 of our interview with Glenda Smith of MetalJobs Network.

Glenda is currently ranked fifth overall in Top Echelon Network in terms of production.  She’s made a total of six split placements in the Network during the past year and 71 placements overall during her tenure as a Preferred Member recruiter.  Her specialty is Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing.

In the second part of our interview with Glenda, she provides excellent advice for not only newer Members of the Network, but also for any Top Echelon recruiter who wants to enjoy more Network success.  So, without further adieu, below is Part 2 of Glenda’s interview . . .


6. If a new Preferred Member asked your advice about how to find good Trading Partners, what would you tell them?

I’d say to go to the associate recruiter TE database and run a search on your specialty.  When you get the list of recruiters working your industry, go through it, see who is closer to you in distance (so you can meet, if possible), see who the higher split placers are, look at their numbers (jobs and candidates in the system), and then call the ones you think look like good recruiters with whom to work.  Some recruiters are only exporters and some are only importers—that should help make your decision.


7. What other advice would you give a new Member?

First, be active in using Top Echelon as your “back office.”  There are Members who specialize in all different areas, including some in Accounting/Finance, some in Engineering, some in Safety/EHS, some in IT, and some in Building/Construction.  Use them and call upon their expertise.

And when you get a job order outside of your normal arena, say for a VP of Finance or a Controller or a Plant Engineer or a Corporate EHS Manager or a Manager of Construction—or a Metallurgist—you’ll already know at least one expert in that area.  When I get a call for a specific type of employee, one I wouldn’t ordinarily have ready knowledge of or access to, I call on my team members for help.  I always tell client companies that I might not be the expert in [whatever], but I know someone who is and that person will recruit on this job for me.

Second, be open and honest.  Give as good as you get, if not better.  Be ready to share a joke.  Never, ever be afraid to ask for advice from anyone in TE—every recruiter in Top Echelon Network has been where you are.  ALWAYS send a completed RDS (Resume Data Sheet) with every resume you submit to a TE recruiter and ALWAYS send a “submission-ready” resume with the RDS.  Never bug another recruiter about a candidate you’ve sent to him/her.  If there’s an interest, you’ll hear about it.

If someone sends you a candidate directly and you have no interest, respond to him/her, saying why the candidate is not a good match.  Always sign your emails to another recruiter with your TE designation, as in “Glenda at KY10.”

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