29 Forever? Not Top Echelon Network!

When they turn 29 years old, a great many people wish that they could stay 29 forever. The reason, of course, is because they don’t want to age.

However, Top Echelon Network is not a person. It’s us. (Not sure that made sense, but let’s move forward.)

For the past year, Top Echelon has been 29 years old. However, on March 8, we turned the page. Specifically, we celebrated our 30th birthday! Or our 30th anniversary. Or however you’d like to describe it.

NIS: seems like forever ago

March 8, 1988 is considered the official birth date of Nationwide Interchange Service (NIS). As many of you know, NIS was the first name for Top Echelon. It was changed from NIS to Top Echelon in 1998, as part of our 10-year anniversary. That seems, well . . . forever ago.

Why is that date considered the official birth date? Because that was the day Top Echelon founder Mike Kappel sent out the first Pinnacle newsletter. That’s right, The Pinnacle has been published every single week for the past 30 years now, in one form or another. That’s 1,560 issues. How many publications can claim the same?

A few years ago, we published a blog post titled, “27 Little-Known Facts About Top Echelon on Its 27th Anniversary.” It’s a quick and breezy read, not to mention informative.

Last year, we published an article penned by Kappel for the first-ever Pinnacle newsletter. You can read that by clicking here.

How are we celebrating this year? With our 30th Anniversary Convention (otherwise known as the 2018 National Convention)!

The convention is next month at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville. There are already over 100 recruiters registered for this special event. If you haven’t signed up yet, it won’t the same without YOU!

Remember, you can register for the 2018 National Convention with a credit card in the Members’ Area. You can also view the agenda and see who exactly has already registered.

So happy birthday to us . . . and we’ll see you in Nashville!

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