Are Your Job Orders New . . . or Replacement Orders?

Having a lot of job orders is one thing. But the type of job orders that you have is another thing. Specifically, are they new job orders? Or are they replacement orders?

Although a placement fee is tied to both types, regardless, there is an important difference between the two. We’ll explore that difference shortly. First, though, let’s turn to the poll question that we recently posted in the Members’ Area.

That question was as follows:

How many of your job orders are new job orders as opposed to replacement job orders?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of split network recruiters that selected each one:

  • None of them — 7.1%
  • Less than 25% — 21.2%
  • Between 25% and 50% — 11.8%
  • Between 50% and 75% — 14.1%
  • More than 75% — 20.0%
  • All of them — 25.9%

New vs. replacement

As might be expected, the answers were all over the board. Leading the way was the answer “All of them” with 25.9% of the vote. That’s a good sign, as will be explained soon.

The second-most popular answer was “less than 25%” at 21.2%. In third place was “more than 75%” at 20.0%. This is the point in our program where we stop and do some math. Not just for fun, since math is not fun, but to make an important point.

Nearly half (45.9%) of the Network recruiters participating in this poll indicated at least 75% of their job orders are new orders and NOT replacement orders.

The conclusion: the economy (and the recruiting profession specifically) are in a good place!

If they weren’t in a good place, there would not be very many new job orders. In fact, depending upon the severity of the circumstances, there wouldn’t be many replacement orders, either. That’s because the worse it is, the less likely it is that employers want to hire. Anybody.

The responses to this poll question reflect a strong economy where employers have a desire to hire. More importantly, though, they have a desire to use recruiters to help them hire.

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