Which Grade Exemplifies the Overall Quality of Network Recruiters?

As we have mentioned on numerous occasions in this newsletter, Quality is one of the Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. And guess what? We’re going to mention it again!

That’s because we wanted to know what you think . . . of each other. Yes, we posted a poll in the Members’ Area for the sole purpose of uncovering that information.

That poll contained the following question:

How would you grade the overall quality of Network recruiters you’ve encountered in TE?


The choice of answers that were provided is listed below, along with the percentage of Network recruiters that selected each one:

  • A — 24.8%
  • B — 41.0%
  • C — 25.7%
  • D — 7.6%
  • F — 0.0%
  • Is there a grade lower than F? — 1.0%


Okay, we knew that Network recruiters were NOT going to receive all-As. However, they didn’t do too badly.

The most popular answer: “B” at 41.0% of the vote. Unfortunately, “A” was not the second-most popular answer at 24.8%. “C” just edged it out at 25.7%.

The good news is that only 7.6% of poll participants chose “D” as their answer, and nobody chose “F.” (However, one person did choose “Is there a grade lower than F?”)

Is that considered a passing grade? Absolutely. Is there room for improvement? There is absolutely always more room for improvement.


Here’s the interesting aspect of this poll: it’s entirely subjective. However, a person’s perception of reality IS reality for that person . . . even if the actual reality is something else entirely.

Personalities and personal preferences play a huge role when it comes to the inner workings of Top Echelon Network. Two different recruiters could grade another recruiter in two widely different ways. For example, Recruiter #1 could give Recruiter #2 a grade of “B,” while Recruiter #3 could give Recruiter #2 a grade of “D.” What one recruiter sees as quality . . . another recruiter could see as a lack of quality.

Yes, the quality of Network recruiters is based on a subjective assessment. However, that assessment does present a perception of reality, which in turn, becomes reality for the person who accepts both the assessment and the perception.

The bottom line: all personalities, personal preferences, and perceptiosn aside, improving the overall quality of Network recruiters in Top Echelon is a top priority for us. And it always will be.

Regardless of what perception currently prevails.

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