Trey Cameron is ‘Recruiter of the Year’ . . . Again!

Welcome to perhaps the least-surprising blog post in this issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.  (Or perhaps so far this year.  Or maybe ever.)

Top-Producing RecruitersThat’s because Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group has won the “Recruiter of the Month” numerous times during 2012, and he also won three of the four “Recruiter of the Quarter” awards (he was second in the fourth quarter).

So it should come as NO surprise that he was the Top-Producing Recruiter in Top Echelon Network during 2012.  (Cameron was also the Network’s Top-Producing Recruiter in 2011, and here’s the proof.)

However, there are some new names in the Top 10, as well as some familiar ones.  Besides Cameron, repeat performances were turned in by Sean Napoles, Jim Strickland, and Judy Kaplan.  Those recruiters in the Top 10 for 2012 who were not there the previous year include Maria Hemminger, Georgette Sandifer, Marc Tappis, David Kersey, Richard Connors, and Chuck Szajkovics.

Congratulations to all of these recruiters on a great 2012 to even more awards, accolades, and placements in 2013!

Below is the complete list of the Top 10 Producers Overall for 2012:

Trey Cameron1st—Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

2nd—Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.

3rd—Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC

4th—Georgette Sandifer of Gallman Consulting

5th—Jim Strickland of BioSource International

6th—Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search

7th—David Kersey of Kersey & Associates, Inc.

8th—Richard Connors of Vista Technology

9th—Chuck Szajkovics of Bulldog Recruiters, Inc.

10th—Judy Kaplan of Prof’l Recruiting Consultants

We’d like to congratulate all of these recruiters and thank them for their hard work and dedication as Preferred Members of our Network.  Their efforts are greatly appreciated, and we certainly wish them even more success in the future.

We’ll be publishing the winners of other 2012 awards in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.  (In fact, we have other award winners in THIS issue!  We don’t like to waste any time.)

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