Top Echelon National Convention: Las Vegas in 2022!

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly set the world asunder during the past year, affecting just about everything in our personal and professional lives. One of those things has been our recruiter networking events, specifically our National Convention and Fall Conference.

You might remember that we conducted a survey of the Network membership a few months ago to “take the temperature” of Network recruiters. We wanted to see their thoughts and opinions about our next big networking event.

We typically hold the National Convention in the sprint of each year, which means that this year’s convention would be happening right about now. Of course, it’s not going to happen this year, just as it did not occur in 2020 due to the pandemic.

However, based on the results of our convention survey (and the fact that vaccines are being rolled out all across the country), I’m pleased to announce that the 2022 Top Echelon National Convention will be held in Las Vegas next year!

While I’m sure that many of you will be happy to hear this, I’m willing to bet that at least some of you have a question on your lips: “But what are the dates?”

I understand that you want to know the dates so that you can plan for the event. However, we do not have the exact dates quite yet. We’re still negotiating with the hotel that we’ve chosen regarding those dates, as well as the room rate.

Obviously, we want to select the best dates possible, and the cost of the rooms are a factor that helps us to determine which dates those are.

We are excited to make this announcement to the Top Echelon Network membership. We believe that our National Convention is the biggest networking event of the year for Top Echelon, and we have been sorely disappointed that we had to put the event on hiatus.

But as disappointed as we were, we’re equally optimistic that the 2022 National Convention will be everything that we remember our conventions to be.

So keep reading The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog for more updates and information regarding the 2022 National Convention, and we hope that you’ll make plans to join us!

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