Special Pinnacle Newsletter Announcement

The past year has certainly been a tumultuous one, both in this country and around the world. And while the economy appears ready to rebound, it also seems as though there is still quite a bit of uncertainty in the economy and the employment marketplace at large.

With all that being said, we at Top Echelon want to continue focusing on our Network membership. As a result, we’re pleased to announce the following upcoming changes to The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog:

#1—Weekly placements

That’s right, we’re bringing back weekly placements in The Pinnacle! This means we will be publishing the split placements that are made in the Network every single week.

(Please note that if you do NOT want your placement details to be published in The Pinnacle, send an email to marketing@topechelon.com indicating as much.)

#2—“Comments and Compliments” feature

We’re bringing back another popular series of blog posts from days gone by! In this feature, we publish not only placement details, but also the comments that recruiters submit with their Completed Placements Forms.

These comments illustrate the gratitude that TE members have for their split recruiting partners, further underscoring the importance of relationships in the Network.

#3—Recruiter of the Week

And yes, it’s a third feature that we’re bringing back! You know that we recognize the Recruiter of the Month, the Recruiter of the Quarter, and even the Recruiter of the Year.

But why not also recognize Top Echelon Network recruiters on a weekly basis, you ask? Great question! Let’s do that!

#4—More success stories

We’ve posted a LOT of Pinnacle Newsletter Blog posts about best practices in our split fee recruiting network. So it makes perfect sense that we would also post a lot of blog posts about those Network members who have put those practices into, well, practice and are experiencing a tremendous amount of success as a result.

We want to thank you for your commitment and loyalty as Top Echelon Network members, and we’re excited to bring back these features and place the focus more squarely on YOU.

We hope that you are enjoying considerable value from your Network membership and that you are experiencing a positive year on your recruiting desk and within your agency!

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