Top Echelon Contracting is Now FoxHire

As we announced in last week’s issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, Top Echelon was sold in an asset purchase to SageLink Capital. However, Top Echelon Contracting was not part of that acquisition. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that the new name for Top Echelon Contracting is now FoxHire.

It’s understandable that you might have some questions about this transition. So I’d like to answer those questions in the following Q&A format.

Q: Does FoxHire have new contact information?

A: Yes, FoxHire has a new phone number. That number is 888.534.9417. (Please note that since Top Echelon Software and FoxHire are separate companies, Top Echelon employees will not be able to transfer Network members to FoxHire.)

As you might have already guessed, FoxHire also has a new website address. The new URL is All links on the Top Echelon website that connected to Top Echelon Contracting web pages and blog posts will now be redirected to the FoxHire website.

Q: What if I have an active placement with Top Echelon Contracting?

A: If you’re a Top Echelon Network member with an active placement with Top Echelon Contracting, you can still use the login link that you’ve used to this point. The process that you’ve used to this point will not change.

Q: If I make a split contract placement in the Network, will FoxHire take care of the employer of record back office details?

A: Yes. TEC handled the back office details for split contract placements in the Network, and now FoxHire will do the same.

Q: Will FoxHire have different employees than Top Echelon Contracting?

A: Aside from the recent retirement of Top Echelon Contracting President Debbie Fledderjohann after 26 years, FoxHire will have the same employees as TEC.

Q: Can I expect the same level of service from FoxHire as I did from Top Echelon Contracting?

A: Absolutely. FoxHire will provide the same high level of service. As the legal employer of record for contract workers, FoxHire handles all of the employment and personnel related tasks. FoxHire employees possess a tremendous amount of expertise regarding all aspects of contract staffing and back office services for recruiting agencies. There will be no drop-off in terms of customer service or support.

Q: Will FoxHire be in the same physical location as TEC?

A: Yes, it will. That location is in Canton, Ohio. In fact, FoxHire is residing in the same building that Top Echelon Contracting was in prior to the name change.

Below is additional information about Foxhire from its website:

To make hiring contract workers as easy as possible, we reinvested millions of dollars into streamlining our software systems in 2018 and 2019. Soon you will be able to log in and start running quotes to see your client’s bill rate, your contractor’s pay rate, and what you will earn!

We have been known as Top Echelon Contracting for nearly two decades, but with the simplification of our software systems came the need for a simpler name. Starting in 2019, we started doing business as d/b/a “FoxHire” — but our values and dedication are the same.

Not only are we excited about the future of Top Echelon Software, but we’re also excited about the future of FoxHire!

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