Q&A About Top Echelon and SageLink Capital

Okay, the dust has settled. I know that you have questions. I saw them on the Top Echelon Network Discussion Forum during the past seven days. In fact, I addressed many of them on the Forum.

And like Mark Demaree, I also understand the concerns regarding the uncertainty surrounding SageLink Capital’s acquisition of and subsequent partnership with Top Echelon. I thought that the easiest way to do this was through an informal question and answer (Q&A) format. Except in this case, we’re going to both pose the questions and answer them.

Q: What’s in it for you, the customer?

A: In short, we are going to provide you with more of what you’ve come to expect from us in terms of your Top Echelon Network membership. Specifically, there is going to be more in terms of development of the Network software. We have big plans regarding the Network software. We want to make it even easier for members to share job orders, candidates, and other information with each other. Our over 30 years’ of experience has taught us that when recruiters are able to share information more easily and quickly, they make more placements together. And this opportunity will enable us to facilitate this.

Q: What is happening to the Top Echelon staff?

A: The Top Echelon staff are staying right where they are. Mark Demaree is still the President, I’m still the Director of Network Operations, Todd Bossler is still a Software Product Manager, etc. The members of the training and technical support teams are still here. Nothing is changing in terms of the Top Echelon personnel and staff.

Q: Are Network prices going to increase?

A: No, the cost of Network membership is not going to increase. Currently, there is a $330 start-up fee for new member agencies in Top Echelon Network. The monthly cost of Network membership is $130 per month. There is a 6% brokerage fee on all split placements made in the Network, with 3% paid by each recruiter involved in the placement.

Q: Is there going to be less focus and less of an emphasis on the Network now?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, just the opposite is the case. SageLink Capital is excited by the prospects of growth for not just the Big Biller recruiting software, but also for Top Echelon Network. So in no way, shape, or form will the Network be “sacrificed” in the interests of generating more growth for Big Biller. The goal and the plan is to grow both at the same time by devoting the appropriate resources (and the appropriate amount of resources) to each.

Q: Is the Network eventually going to be sold?

A: Simply put, the Network is NOT going to be sold. As I just explained in my answer to the above question, the Network is an integral part of SageLink Capital’s overall plans for Top Echelon’s growth. And that is the number-one reason why I answered the first question above the way that I did. There is plenty of reason for you to be excited about this transaction as a Top Echelon Network members.

And there’s plenty of reason for us to be excited, too. We look forward to what the next chapter in Top Echelon’s story will bring, and we’re glad that you’ll be taking the journey with us.

We may be answering more questions about this acquisition and partnership in future issues of The Pinnacle. If you have any specific questions for me about these recent developments or about your split network membership, I encourage you to contact me.

You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to drea@topechelon.com.

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