Tim Piccini: The Perfect Fit in Top Echelon

Personal success sometimes depends on how well of a fit something is for you.

The common cliche is that you can’t force a square in a round hole. However, sometimes stars align and magic begins to happen.

For recruiter Tim Piccini, joining the Top Echelon Network in 2015 was exactly what he needed to make almost $90,000 in a little more than one year from 12 split placements.

“I knew from my first conversation with Drea that the Network would be a fit for us,” said Piccini.

Tim Piccini of Philips Recruiting Services

Tim Piccini

Tim and his wife Kim started recruiting in 2003 as the co-owners of Philips Recruiting Services. Their previous experience in the automotive industry helped them create a very good client base, but the need for more candidates led him to Top Echelon.

“Being in the Network and building relationships was the perfect supplement to what we are already doing,” said Piccini. “We’ve been fortunate to be able to build a close circle of recruiters that we trust and match up well with.”

According to Tim, about 95 percent of their focus is used to fill candidates.

“We’ve always had more jobs than the two of us could handle,” said Piccini. “The Network allows us access to candidates across the country and shortens our bill time.”

Tim has relied on his own network of clients and attention to detail since the beginning.

“When we got started, our customers were people that we knew,” said Piccini. “We were driven by being able to help out our close contacts.”

It’s obvious that the goal of every recruiter is to make more placements. However, his desire is to ensure his customers are completely satisfied and he strives to exceed their expectations. Piccini prides his recruiting process on providing personalized service and quality candidates for each client.

Before joining the Network, Piccini had very limited experience with making split placements. He attributes much of his quick success making split placements within the Network to the quality of recruiters that make up the group.

“We’ve been fortunate to be able to build a close circle of recruiters that we trust and match up well with,” he said.”

Director of Network Operations Drea Codipsoti, CPC/CERS is responsible for helping new Network members experience success quickly once they join Top Echelon. Not only is he impressed with what Picinni has been able to accomplish, but so are other members.

“Tim is the perfect example of what can happen when you join the Network with a plan and then execute that plan,” said Codispoti. “Some recruiters join the Network and expect it to be a magic money-making machine. You have to invest in your membership in order to receive a return on that investment, and that’s exactly what Tim does.

“In fact, I’ve received phone calls from other members who have noticed Tim and how he conducts himself and conducts business. He’s exactly the type of recruiter we want in Top Echelon Network, and we’re excited to see what he can do and how much success he can enjoy.”

So while Piccini is a fit for the Network, he didn’t stop there. He’s also been proactive in efforts to make his membership work for him. The result: more split partners, more relationships, and more placements.

“If you jump in with both feet, you will definitely see success in the Network,” he said.

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