Our #TopEchCon2016 Contest for the Conference!

Packing your bags already for the Top Echelon Fall Conference?

While you’re at it, pack these social media tips to take full advantage of attending the Fall Conference.

#1—Make sure you know the hashtag.

Our event will have a hashtag to help organize all the conference photos and happenings. When you make a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram make sure you use the hashtag #TopEchCon2016. A hashtag is a tool within Twitter used to organize the conversation surrounding a phrase, in this case, an event. You create a hashtag by combining the pound sign (#) with a keyword. Sounds easy enough, right? Give it shot this conference! (link to this article somewhere in there https://blog.bufferapp.com/a-scientific-guide-to-hashtags-which-ones-work-when-and-how-many)

See what we’ve been tweeting! Click here to follow Top Echelon on Twitter.

#2—Smile, time for a selfie!

Take a page out of Dave Sgro’s book and make sure there is plenty of room on your smartphone to take pictures of you and your next trading partner. Not only will this be great to post with our event hashtag but it’s a great icebreaker! Here’s a look back on conference selfie pasts.

#3—Follow us!

We like you, so how about you Like us. We’ll be posting about the conference on our company FB, company Twitter account, and from Drea Codispoti’s personal Twitter account. Don’t miss out on any of the announcements or action and make sure to follow us before the conference.

#4—Most importantly have fun!

Sure, these conferences are about learning more and gathering recruiting tips. Another important part though is having fun while making valuable connections! By sharing fun updates of your time at the conference you show the job seekers and clients who follow you on social your personality and the face behind the name of your business.

We also created for you a social media checklist to help boost your social presence while at the conference. We’ll make sure to give a shout out to the recruiter with the most points at the end of the conference. Posts must have the #TopEchCon2016 to be counted for the contest.

  • Share a comment about the event.
  • Tweet at our speakers what you’re excited for in their training.
  • Post a quote from training session with the hashtag.
  • Post a photo with a new connection.
  • Share a photo with someone you’ve made a placement with already.
  • Post a photo at the ice breaker (bonus points if it includes singing).
  • Share a photo on your way to the conference.
  • Mention our keynote speaker on social media.
  • Post a picture with a Top Echelon staff member.

Knock your social media presence out of the (Wrigley Field) park! See you at the conference!

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