7 Reasons to Attend “Networking on the FARM!”

It may seem like summer is halfway over, but it’s not. In fact, the calendar says that there are still two more months of the season left . . . so buckle up.

One of the central summer events in the Network this year is the upcoming “Networking on the FARM!” event being held at the Hemminger Farm on Wednesday, August 17. Top Echelon Network recruiters Maria Hemminger and Joanna Spaun are partners in MJ Recruiters, LLC, and they’re also the official hosts of this “summer shindig.”

Shut the barn door!

Although we’ve already published an article about the event in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, I wanted to highlight it again. This time, though, I’m presenting seven reasons why you should attend “Top Echelon Networking on the FARM!”:

#1—Hot job orders and candidates

If you need candidates OR jobs, this is the place to be. There will be plenty of both being circulated, all in a number of different industries. You can meet with recruiters who have job orders they must fill NOW, as well as recruiters who have highly place-able candidates looking for the right opportunity.

#2—Face-to-face networking opportunities

Networking is great, but doing it face-to-face is even better. That’s why we hold events like the National Convention and Fall Conference. This is how you build trading partner relationships and reach the “trust level” with partners, which is where the real money is made.


MJ Recruiters will provide grilled hamburgers and bratwurst patties for everyone who attends, and drinks (water, beer pop/soda) will also be supplied. Those who attend are also asked to bring a side dish and a camp chair. If you leave this event hungry, that’s your fault.


Some of the activities on tap for the day include swimming, fishing, kayaking, sand volleyball, and corn hole. Not only that, but there might be some pickle ball. Did you hear what I said? PICKLE BALL!

#5—Placements, placements, placements!

Placements result from regional core group meetings like this one, every single year. That means . . . placements are going to result from THIS meeting. You could be a part of that placement action. And you could also be a part of PICKLE BALL!

#6—A ton of recruiters are planning to attend.

The Hemminger Farm is located in Ohio, but you’ll notice that not all of the recruiters attending are from Ohio. Recruiters are coming from all over the country for this event. Some are from as far away as Georgia and North Carolina. People don’t travel that far for NO reason. They travel that far because there is a tremendous amount of value in attending . . . so take your cue from that.

#7—Because you need to cool down from this summer heat.

There’s a good chance that wherever you are in the country right now, it’s hotter than the dickens. (Exactly how hot is “the dickens”? Don’t ask me that question.) Since that is the case, you probably need to cool down. And since THAT is the case, this the perfect opportunity to meld business with pleasure. Have some fun. Have some laughs. Make some friends. Make some placements.

If you want to attend or if you have any questions, send an email to maria@mjrecruiters.com or call 419.443.1840.

Oh, and after that, make sure you attend the Fall Conference in Chicago. This conference is not going to attend itself.

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