THIS is How to be Successful in Top Echelon Network!

If you’re a new Preferred Member in Top Echelon Network and you want to find out how to enjoy quick success, then you would do well to read the story of Mario Linale of Atlas Consulting Group, LLC.

We recently chronicled how Linale made three split placements within six months of joining the Network, all three with fellow Preferred Member recruiter Michael Stuck of Gables Search Group, Inc.

'Comments' and Compliments ExtraIn that blog post, Stuck commented on those placements, and more specifically, about the various aspects of his Trading Partner relationship with Linale that work so well.  In this blog post, Linale describes those some aspects and also presents a blueprint for new Network recruiters to follow.

As for those recruiters who have been in the Network for quite some time, this story also serves as an example of how new Preferred Members can turn into great Trading Partners.  A year ago, you didn’t even know who they were, and now you’re making money with them.

And that’s the value that a split placement network like Top Echelon offers to recruiters.

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Michael StuckMario Linale“My firm, Atlas Consulting Group, LLC is a new member of Top Echelon. We have really enjoyed our tenure so far and a large part of it is due to our interaction and successful partnership with Michael Stuck of Gables Search Group.

“This has been such a successful partnership primarily because of Michael’s professionalism and competency in managing his clients. We have functioned in a recruiting/sourcing capacity for positions with Michael’s clients. I can firmly state that when we work on a position for one of Michael’s clients, we know that we will always get feedback, usually an interview request and that the offers will come!  His positions are never the proverbial ‘black hole’ that unfortunately sometimes occurs in our industry, especially when partnering with other firms. We know that our work for Gables will never be a waste of time.

“Another factor in our success has been our constant communication. We are both on the same page when it comes to communicating the changing details of his positions and our candidates and we update each other in real time. I believe we are both truly passionate about our businesses, our reputations and getting deals done!

“Michael goes a step beyond also in his role of managing his clients and their positions, often he will also get involved in managing and communicating with our candidates. He always does what is appropriate in this regard and will not ‘step on our toes,’ but only help when necessary.

“We look forward to a long standing relationship with Michael Stuck, Gables Search Group and also working with other members of Top Echelon.”

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