These Recruiters Find Value in Attending Top Echelon Conventions

If there’s one thing that we know about our conferences and conventions, it’s that they hold value for those Preferred Member recruiters who choose to attend.  And the recruiters who attend these events know that they hold value, as well.  In fact, a few of those recruiters agreed to talk about that value.  Incidentally, all of these recruiters are currently registered for the upcoming 2011 National Convention.  So, without further adieu . . .
“I would like to thank TE for their continuing efforts to host conferences that relevant, educational and fun!

After having worked for one of the top recruiting firms in the country for the first five years of my career; I took a chance on myself and started my own firm fifteen years ago.  I am not sure how far I would have gotten if I had not been lucky enough to have discovered TE.  My business is intricately connected with most of TE’s services but one of the most useful services TE has to offer is the yearly conferences.

In the fifteen years that  I have been attending TE conferences I have never failed to come away with valuable tools and a fresh insight into our industry.  The TE staff and TE membership are among the most helpful, honest and talented people in our industry today.   I highly recommend every one of the TE membership make the investment in themselves and attend the2011 National Conference this year.

Jill Kohler-Easley of the Easley Resource Group


Eric Berg“It’s always good to get away from the day to day  business grind and  meet Peers who you have worked with over the past year.I think these face discussions whether they are in a social or business setting go a long way to building better business relationships. It does help to recharge your batteries. The exchange of new ideas and approaches is another positive reason to attend. Looking at your business in a different way can be beneficial.”

Eric Berg of JN Adams & Associates, Inc.


Cindy Cordell, CPC“Every time I go to a TE convention I meet someone new and as a result we have been able to make splits.  The most stupid example is  – Lloyd Shoemaker and I, he’s about an hour up I-75 from me, never even knew each other existed, sat at a TE Saturday night dinner together and now I am one of his  go-to person for IT and Accounting positions.  Whenever a  I have an ERP related IT position I will always make Sean Napoles aware of it and of course I have met Sean numerous times at conventions.  I have been a member of a number of networks over the 30+ years I have been recruiting and although this job might  be done by email and over the phone – I think we all know that face-to-face the only way we can make a placement!”

Cindy Andrew Cordell of Corporate Resources, LLC


As you can see, the value that Top Echelon conferences and conventions hold can take a number of different forms.  However, there is value in attending, and you can attend the National Convention at the low price of just $345 per person during the Early Bird Registration period.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  Login to the Members’ Area today and sign up for the convention.  We hope to see you there!

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