New Preferred Member Recruiters Who Want to Make Split Placements

Top Echelon Network would like to welcome the following recruiters and their firms as New Preferred Members.  We encourage the rest of the Membership to reach out to these folks and introduce yourself to our newest Members.  Remember, these people joined the Network because they want to make split placements, so let’s not waste any time.  Give them a call and get the split placement ball rolling.

Click on the recruiters’ names to visit their Recruiter Profile within Top Echelon Network.  (Note: You may be prompted to login to the system before being able to view their Profile.)

New Preferred Members

Recruiter: Stacy Pursell
Firm Name: The Pursell Group, LLC
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Specialties: Animal Health, Animal Science, Veterinary, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Research and Development, Sales & Marketing, Pharmacovigilance, Technical Services, Pet Products, and Pet Specialty



Recruiter: Crystal Dunson Watson
Firm Name: Dunson & Associates, Inc.
Location: Clayton, Ohio
Specialties: DoD Information Technology (IT) Support, Computer Programming, Database Administrators, Technical Writing, Software Trainers, Computer-Based Trainers, Computer Graphics, Analysis, Online Help Development, Project Management, System Design, Web Development, Software Testing, Computer Programming and Engineering, Help Desk, Installations and Networking, System Analysis, and Healthcare

We’d like to welcome Stacy and Crystal to Top Echelon Network and congratulate them on becoming new Preferred Members!  Send them an email or give them a call to welcome them to the Network . . . because everybody likes to feel welcomed.

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