The ‘What I’ve Learned’ Series, Part 3

This latest recession has been tough on recruiters, there’s no doubt about that.  Those who have survived have come away with valuable lessons about the recruiting industry, their firm, their business, and their niche.  Top Echelon interviewed a number of Preferred Members in the Network and asked them to provide some of the things that they’ve learned during the recession.

Next in our series of recruiters is Alan Carty of, who’s been recruiting since 2000.


Alan Carty1. During these times many companies, especially large companies, will engage you in searches that will go nowhere. We’re seeing that much more now than in strong economies. Job Orders go away with no explanation. I have recently made the decision to ask for an engagement fee or retainer, or I let suspect clients know that without this their searches will not be priority.

2. I’ve learned that it’s good to have multiple revenue streams in your business. was up 17% in 2009 and will likely be up 25% this year. Even though companies aren’t hiring, they still need to market themselves.

3. I’ve learned that it’s good to get job orders outside your niche and have your TE Trading Partners fill them. (Note my two large splits with Joe Boland and Marc Tappis. I could not have done these without their help.)

Part 1 of this series—Glenda Smith, CPC of MetalJobs Network
Part 2 of this series—Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search, Inc.

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