The ‘What I’ve Learned Series,’ Part 1

This latest recession has been tough on recruiters, there’s no doubt about that.  Those who have survived have come away with valuable lessons about the recruiting industry, their firm, their business, and their niche.  Top Echelon interviewed a number of Preferred Members in the Network and asked them to provide some of the things that they’ve learned during the recession.

Up first is Glenda Smith, CPC of MetalJobs Network. who’s been recruiting since 1986.

Glenda Smith, CPC1.  Even though I serve the second- and third-tier markets, weakness in the economy does eventually get to me.  It might be six to nine months later, but it will come.  The first time it happened to me—after 9/11—all recruiters I knew were complaining how much business was down, but I was crowing because it had not hit me yet. But when it did, it was a rude awakening and I realized that a downturn affects ALL of us, almost regardless of the industry.

2. Even in a downturn, SOMEBODY is hiring people, not sure where or who, and it takes some searching and foraging to find out, but there is work out there.  I just have to work harder and be more focused to find it.

3. It’s great to be in a niche market, especially when it’s very small and there aren’t many recruiters servicing it.  But it’s also good to keep activity in other markets, ones that pertain to or are related to, the niche market but might be a bit outside it. That’s what might keep a recruiter from getting in real trouble, when there’s a downturn—the ability and the flexibility to service markets other than the one in which you’ve concentrated.

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