The ‘What I’ve Learned Series,’ Part 2

This latest recession has been tough on recruiters, there’s no doubt about that.  Those who have survived have come away with valuable lessons about the recruiting industry, their firm, their business, and their niche.  Top Echelon interviewed a number of Preferred Members in the Network and asked them to provide some of the things that they’ve learned during the recession.

Next in our series of recruiters is Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search, Inc., who’s been recruiting since 1984.


Marc Tappis1. As difficult as it may be, it’s important to remain positive.  Clients and candidates don’t want to hear how bad things are for you.  They don’t want to hear you complaining and whining about how bad the economy is.  The same holds true when you’re talking with other recruiters.  I refuse to let other recruiters bring me down and communicate as little as possible with recuriters that are always negative and complaining.  If you have nothing positive to say to candidates, clients, and fellow recruiters, don’t say anything.

2. Communicate and continue to build relationships with “A” clients and candidates.  Just because a company isn’t hiring doesn’t mean you can’t call a client and check in and talk to them about their interests.  If your client is a sports fan, call them and tell them you were thinking about them when you watched their team win.  If they like music, call them and tell them you heard a song on the radio and were thinking of them.  Continue to build that relationship because one day their company will be hiring or the next company they work for will be, and if you keep in touch, you’ll be the first person they call for help.

Part 1 of this series—Glenda Smith, CPC of MetalJobs Network

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