‘The Pinnacle’ Newsletter Blog for the Rest of 2011 . . . and Beyond

Matt DeutschThe Pinnacle has undergone several transformations in recent years, and it continues to evolve—namely because we want to produce content that Preferred Members of the Network want to read.  With that in mind, we recently solicited feedback from Network recruiters about the type of information that they would like to see presented in what is now called The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

What Network recruiters want

To understand what a Preferred Member of Top Echelon Network wants in a newsletter, one must understand what a Preferred Member wants in general as a recruiter.  After reviewing the feedback that was sent to us, those things appear to be the following (more or less):

  • General recruiter training
  • Training on Top Echelon Network’s software and tools
  • Training on Top Echelon’s other services, such as the Big Biller recruiting software and the Hiring Hook recruitment website design
  • Information about new advances and trends in recruiting
  • Information about how to use social networking (effectively) in recruiting
  • Updates about how the Network is improving its software and systems
  • Updates about how the Network is working to help its Members make more split placements, including through The Four Pillars of Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation

I’m sure there are probably more, but these represent the major wants of Preferred Members in terms of newsletter content.  As you can see, these wants are numerous and diverse.  There’s not just one—or a couple of things—that Preferred Members are seeking.

Sayonara . . . and success stories

Before we continue, a quick word about what you won’t be finding in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog in the future.  Although the items below have appeared in the newsletter in the past, they also appear in the Members’ Area . . . so sayonara, so to speak.

  • Applying for Membership
  • New Preferred Members
  • Recent split placements

Okay, now in addition to articles pertaining to the first list presented above—the one detailing the wants of the Preferred Membership in terms of newsletter content—there will be one additional element in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.  That element involves success stories of the Network, articles that focus on recruiters who have made the Network work for them and are making split placements because of it.

“‘Comments’ and Compliments,” one of our most popular features, will be part of these success stories, as will recruiter profiles and focus pieces on specific Trading Partner relationships.  The reason we believe that articles about Network success are important is because they show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Top Echelon Network split placement system works and they also show exactly how some recruiters making that system work for them.  Think of it as Network training articles by other Network recruiters.

All of that being said, we still want your feedback and your thoughts.  The Pinnacle is a constantly changing and evolving part of Top Echelon Network, and we want to make sure that it’s constantly evolving into exactly what Network recruiters want.  So give me a call or send me an email.  I promise I won’t bite.

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